Are there any guys out there who like short hair?

I've only ever met one guy who actually preferred short hair.

If the girl could sport a short hairstyle and felt confident with it, would you rather have her or the girl with long hair who hates her hair?

About this short:



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  • I like short hair. For some reason I think it looks sexy on some girls.


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  • Sure, that styling looks very Italian to me. Short hair works fine on Italian and French women. Of course, anything works fine on or off Italian and French women..

    Accompanied, of course, by that smoky eyed look they often have!

    No one's going to get the idea they are butch just because of short hair!

    • 3 up answer, no?

  • That short, no.

    Some women are so gorgeous they look hot anyway, but they'd look much hotter with at least chin length hair.

  • I like the girl, bald, short hair, long hair come second (as do cup size, shape etc.)

  • Yea, no. That's waaay to short. For me minimum length starts somewhere around shoulder-length.

  • There's plenty of guys who likes short hair. I see many couples where the girl is wearing short hairstyles In fact some women actually pull off short hair rather well. Though my preference is for long or medium length hair, I wouldn't mind a short style for an occasional change up if it suits her facial structure. I do think that the length in the link is a bit short for my tastes, but I am confident if you get the right stylist to cut it in a way that accentuates your features you could pull off a similar style.

  • No way. Not that short. It looks like an 8 yr. old boys haircut.

  • To rock hair that short as a woman, you need some of these things: the confidence to do it, a good hairstylist, product, high cheekbones, a moderately strong jawline, an average sized forehead, well groomed eyebrows, makeup (especially eyes), and a feminine wardrobe. No more band t's and boring jeans. Blouses, sundresses, feminine sunglasses, headbands, etc.

  • That's too short.

    Short hair is fine

    Fine: link

    Great: link

    Really nice: link

    • That first pic is the sex.

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    • That's subjective. Relative to what?

      This is what I consider long hair: link

      Anyways, I gave you my opinion, any shorter than the ones posted is unattractive, in my opinion

    • Agreed Funkadelic, haha.

  • Depends on the girl

  • Hmmm saw the pic. Some girls can look good with short hair like Sineade o'connor, the singer (name may not be spelled right) but id still prefer long hair. most girls just get taken as boyish looking coming from personal experience where I have seen my sisters friend have short hair and griw it longer and back to shoulder then past her her shoulders, she looked better as it got longer

  • I really love some short hair cuts, but the picture is a little shorter than my preferences.

  • MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I LOVE short hair on women. That girl's haircut looked really sexy. I love it because of how it flaunts her face. Also I love it when a girl wears guys' clothes and is an extreme tomboy in personality. Combine all that and you're talking SUPER HOT.

    Don't get discouraged. Remember, quality over quantity. Don't change yourself just to attract more men because they won't be really attracted to the real you but by someone you're pretending to be. Just be true to yourself so you can attract the right person.

  • That's a little short for my taste, however I've seen some girls make it work that are an absolute knockout.

  • It depends on the girl. I have seen girls with that length of hair that look very attractive. But the majority of girls look better with longer hair. I'm not saying shoulder lengths, but at least chin-length.

    It depends on her face. If she has a smaller face it could work. If she has a big face, small hair will draw more attention to that.

  • Sorry, but no. That shouldn't stop you though! I have things I find attractive in women, and my "opinions" differ from others. Do what you feel most comfortable with, and you will find a guy who loves it. Might be a smaller percentage, but still worth it. I get my hair cut pretty short, and I have been turned down because the girl wanted a guy with longer hair. Still worth it, would rather feel comfortable in my own skin.

  • Not that short, but I think hair just above the shoulders is really cute. especially for blondes and wavy-haired brunettes

  • Not really pixie cut. But I do like girls with short hair. Theirs something about it that makes me like it

  • Short hair never looks good on any woman. It matters not how it is cut or styled!

  • Ew no! Sorry but no! I can dig like shoulder length hair and maybe a little shorter but pixie cuts are just the worst ever.

  • I've actually been REALLY attracted to it lately. I've been noticing it more and more, especially with celebrities.

    I don't know if I prefer short or long, but I can say I've developed an appreciation for short... Emma Watson and Anne Hathaway look damn good.

  • No, not that short.

  • I hate it when girls got short hair, not just because it looks absolutely atrocious and repelling but also because it tells a lot about her personality - extremely lazy, doesn't see a meaning to take care of her looks, perhaps also a feminist who doesn't like gender roles, all what are deal-breakers to me

    Of course this is your life and feel free to do whatever you want but if you realize that no guy approaches you and no guy likes you then know that you brought it on yourself

    • They didn't approach me when I had long hair either, so my lovelife hasn't been affected much.

    • Just wanted to let you know that most short hair cuts are more demanding than long hair. Sure, showering is quicker and there's little to no brushing, but there's styling to be done and when your hair's short you can't have a lazy ponytail day. And you have to cut it more often to keep it looking good.

  • Hello ^.^

    I guess for me it depends on how short the hair is and their facial/body structure. Sometimes even a buzz cut on women can be sexy, but you're right in assuming that confidence is vital. Overall, I'm not too bothered, but there's too many unconsidered factors to include in this question... So no idea how to answer it.

    • We're talking pixie cut short here.

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  • Most guys will say they they don't loke surt hair, but most times you'll also find that they don't know what they're talking about ^^ When a friend met her boyfrieboyfriend she had hair just above the shoulders, he wanted her to grow it out but once it'd gotten bellow the shoulderblades she was so sick of it she chopped it off to a pixie like your picture only perhaps 3 cm longer or so. Once he saw it he could not stop looking at and fingering her hair for weeks, so yeah, I think he liked it..

  • I had that haircut. Well I still have a pixie but my bangs are a lot longer now. I've had it for over a year and I don't think I want long hair ever again. When I had it longer, I looked older and uglier. It just didn't look good. I think short hair suits me better. I don't see why guys make such a big deal. Some girls really do look better with short hair.

    • For some reason they assume you looked better with long hair, which is not the case for everyone.

  • I like that haircut. If I could pull it off, I would have it done. I can't, though- I have a biggish butt and it would make me look like a weeble-wobble. (you are probably too young to know what a weeble-wobble is.)

  • i honestly prefer having short hair over long hair :3

    easier to maintain and don't have to do much to it

    • Same here. Although you have to admit that it can be extremely stubborn on some days

    • yea but that's why I wear a hat on those days when I decide not to spike my hair :P

      and it also takes no time at all to straighten

      and its awesome when you wear a hat and all that hair isn't getting in the way if you're wearing a coat

      and it was a pain in the ass when my hair got caught in my zipper of my coat :P