Starbucks lattes are overpriced. Cheaper alternative?

Here's the thing. I like lattes once in a while, but I hate to pay close to 5 bucks for the smallest size available. Tim Hortons lattes are OK and reasonably priced (below 3$), Starbucks lattes are ridiculously expensive (3,85$ for the smallest size) and McDonald's lattes taste gross (the coffee itself tastes bitter and watery). Any good alternative in coffee chains (or cheap machines)?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, just reading your title, I thought Tim Horton's for if you lived in Canada. Then reading the body of your question, with mention of Tim Horton's, you clearly MUST live in canada. Especially with mention of Dunkin Donuts disappearing, in someone else's comments section.

    But yeah, what I do is I buy the coffee I like, and make it in the morning. Sometimes I prepare it the night before, and switch the coffee maker on when I get up. That alone saves you a ton of money. If you want lattes, then I would recommend Tim Horton's. On Wednesday, all hot beverages are a dollar at 7-Eleven. Sometimes I get those. But yeah, I wouldn't buy a McDonald's coffee.

    I've seen cheap machines with decent coffee around town, but I have no idea if they'd be in your city, or where you'd find them. Plus it's not as if I was paying that close of attention to the name on the machines. Sorry.

    Anyway I go to Tim Horton's and 7-Eleven. Other chains that come to mind are Second Cup, and Fixx. Cheaper? Probably not. But, they are alternatives. Maybe you can give them a try and compare prices.