Guys: Are girls really THAT emotional?

AND GIRLS: Are guys really THAT uncaring, uninterested, etc.?

What is "too emotional" to you? How can you tell if a guy really is uncaring?

How do you work through problems with each other? Are you able to be vulnerable with each other and communicate?


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  • I think, it's a double-yes...

    When I see my wife what little things can (emotionally) throw her off course... On the other hand I also caught myself sometimes to be very little caring when it is a "drama" we had before. It doesn't mean, a relationship is over (as already stated by some people here) but it definetely means that there are issues to be dealt with.

    Very often it is not the "little things" that tear a girl down. I'd say, it's mostly that she feels to little attention from the man. So the best way to deal with problems like this: spending more time communicating. Give your woman more attention, let her feel that she's important to you.

    Whenever my wife has her emotional days (by the way: mostly before the period), I push myself to be more caring even though it sometimes gets on my nerves when she makes a "drama for nothing".

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      That's pretty much what I was thinking. Is it because a couple doesn't communicate that he thinks she's being too emotional and/or that she thinks he's hiding things, uncaring, uninterested, etc.?