Guys: Are girls really THAT emotional?

AND GIRLS: Are guys really THAT uncaring, uninterested, etc.?

What is "too emotional" to you? How can you tell if a guy really is uncaring?

How do you work through problems with each other? Are you able to be vulnerable with each other and communicate?


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  • I think, it's a double-yes...

    When I see my wife what little things can (emotionally) throw her off course... On the other hand I also caught myself sometimes to be very little caring when it is a "drama" we had before. It doesn't mean, a relationship is over (as already stated by some people here) but it definetely means that there are issues to be dealt with.

    Very often it is not the "little things" that tear a girl down. I'd say, it's mostly that she feels to little attention from the man. So the best way to deal with problems like this: spending more time communicating. Give your woman more attention, let her feel that she's important to you.

    Whenever my wife has her emotional days (by the way: mostly before the period), I push myself to be more caring even though it sometimes gets on my nerves when she makes a "drama for nothing".

    • That's pretty much what I was thinking. Is it because a couple doesn't communicate that he thinks she's being too emotional and/or that she thinks he's hiding things, uncaring, uninterested, etc.?

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  • i think most guys are extremely emotional. and most people are selfish.

    • Why do you think most guys are extremely emotional?

  • I am not emotional, at all. But I am empathetic and understand emotions well. Little makes me cry. Guys do care, I think they are just less likely to tell you that they do.

  • I don't know sometimes I think guys are extremely uncaring and if they become uninterested your relationship is probably on the rocks well close to ending. Some people think that expressing their feelings is like being to emotional and I don't like that, I like to know a guys feelings

    • How do you legitimately know if a guy has lost interest?

    • when he talks less and less and then nothing at all

  • The guy I'm seeing is an idiot around his friends, but he's sensitive and caring around me. So when we're one on one he's willing to show his vulnerable side, that's when we can be real with each other. We're both not very heated people so we don't have crazy arguments, but I'm more vocal about my issues while he broods, so I initiate a lot of the talks about whatever problems one of us might be having. Personally I'm not a very outwardly emotional person, like you won't see me crying, like ever. However a lot of stuff goes on beneath the surface. I think "too emotional" is someone who overreacts to tiny things and takes everything the wrong way, or is too sensitive to things. I think guys are worse than girls in this regard, the jealousy, the ego.

  • Yes we are emotional because society teaches us to talk about or feels will telling guys not to show emotion (ie cry) if they feel pain. Moral we are f***ed at communicating with each other.

  • I'm really not that emotional. I have emotions of course, but they aren't very extreme the majority of the time. And I don't display a lot of emotion.

    I've been told by a few different people that I come off as almost completely unemotional, and people tell me that it's unsettling because people can't read what I'm thinking.

    • You don't look like you're the type to get emotional. Isn't that a good thing, to be able to control emotions. Of course, it's good to have the good emotions like caring and empathy. Didn't it used to be a sign of good character to control emotions?

    • It's not really like I have a lot of control over my emotions. They just aren't ever very extreme. That's just me.

  • I killed my emotions and fed them to a chainsaw...

  • And had a ex who's dictionary consisted of "idk" and "bored" that would be an extreme example of not caring about anything lol

    I gues being too emotional would be like crying really easily. For example because of the thought of injury, not even actual injury. I think that if a guy repeatedly forgets about things important to you that you've told him about, then that would suggest he doesn't care enough about you to remember that stuff.

    I unfortunately hve never dated anyone that I've really been able to talk to openly. There was the ex mentioned above ha ha and another one that just wasn't the type to talk about feelings and stuff. I hold to resort to just talking to friends about it even though I would've liked it if I could have had my boyfriend at the time's support throughout whatever situation it was

  • I guess I'm emotional when it comes to caring for people, taking care of others, making sure they have everything they want and need, etc. But when it comes to myself, I rarely cry. I know a lot won't believe me but it is the truth. And it's not because I hold it back and bottle it all up or something, I just rarely get the urge to start crying my eyes out... Something very very bad has to happen to get me crying, and even then I sometimes just don't cry. For an example, when my mother died, I was 8, when the police came to me and said she just died, I couldn't cry. I couldn't cry about it for the next 5 years. I never cried until 5 years later, then it really hit me. I know, weird, but hey, that's just who I am.

    And about if guys are uncaring, uninterested, I don't agree. Guys can be very very caring too, and very interested, I sometimes even find they show more interest in things than girls do. Guys sometimes seem more passionate about things. I'm not saying all guys are like this, I'm just explaining my own personal opinion, and from experience with guy friends, and ex boyfriends.

    • I don't necessarily think that first part of your answer is "emotional" per se. It seems more like human charity (unless doing stuff like that does in fact make you emotional).

  • guys care. if youe cute. I think that's what I've notices.

    • I can say by experience cute has nothing to do with it. They either care or they don't and it all has to do with him and luck

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  • Women are emotional. I think they're more in touch with their emotions, partly because they evolved to be caretakers of children. I think that women have a wide range of emotions. Meaning they're more like rubber bands, with lots of different emotional capacities. But women also have the good emotions, like empathy and caring. And also, women are good at listening.

    Men are usually not emotional. This is bad sometimes, because it leads to less empathy and caring. Many guys aren't good at listening. Men tend to be aggressive.

    Even though these are generalizations, they are mostly right. This is not to say that there aren't some guys that think like women, or women that think like guys. There are many variations.

    • Did the people who gave me downvotes read my complete answer? Anyways, women also have good emotions.

  • I'm gonna keep it simple. Everyone is different in terms of levels of emotion. Some are like rocks, some can't deal with their emotions, some are over-reactive, etc...for both guys and girls. It just manifests itself in different ways whether you can communicate it clearly, blow out, lash out, go silent, etc. For me, I'm more receptive to feelings because my personality is more emotional and I rely on my gut feelings and heart more than most guys.

    All girls I know are more receptive and in tune with a bigger range of emotions and feelings. I hear the phase "I FEEL..." A LOT in every situation...go figure...Whereas most guys have a more limited range and have more difficult dealing and communicating their emotions and for men...the phrase "I THINK..." gets used the most. It's quite interesting when you realize this major difference. The only time I use "I feel..." is when I'm talking to women. I never use "I feel..." when talking to's almost instinctual funny enough.

    • Yes! Women have a wider range of emotions. I'm glad there are other people that know this too, seeing as how many guys accuse girls of being emotional. Guys need to have more empathy and things like that.


  • to emotional is when you become neurotic and ca not be rational, men and women both do this but women do it in spades.

  • Sure doesn't seem like. If so, I guess they're on there best behavior around me.


  • Studies have been done and have shown that men have around 7.5 times as much grey matter (logic) and women have 9.5 times as much white matter (emotions and language skills).

    Does this surprise anyone?