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Trouble urinating...help

I am a 16-year old guy. I am having trouble in urinating.I have the urge to urinate but urine doesn‘t come out instantly. It takes some time. I... Show More

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  • It's most likely because you don't like to pee in front of other people (or in earshot). Your body is tense because of the stress and that muscle tension is preventing you from peeing. It happens to everyone at some point. Eventually you go back to realising you don't care if people hear (or in guy's case see/whatever) and problem is solved.

    That or cold weather.

What Girls Said 8

  • I agree with the other ladies. Sounds like shy bladder to me. But if it doesn't improve or begins to happen at home, get to the doctor!

  • You may have a water infection. I don't know if there is any stinging or anything. I would go see the doctor.

  • Google it

  • sorry, I am not a doctor, hope that you will recover soon.

  • Shy bladder- that happens to a lot of people. In my line of work I have to do random piss tests and protocol is that someone is in there WITH you when you give your sample, and I swear I'll be in there for 20 minutes with the water running and my hand in a cup of warm water, thinking about Niagra Falls- and I *still* won't be able to pee with someone eyeballing me. It's just how you're wired, is all. Not a big deal. Pee at home!

  • Sounds like a shy bladder. Some people can't use public restrooms easily.

  • It must be that you are self conscious about peeing in public.

What Guys Said 2

  • This is because, you masturbate and than you go to pee, first pee and later masturbate and you'll don't face this problem

    • of course not...I don‘t masturbate

    • lol that my be the problem also if you are 16 not 13 or something.

  • It seems you have trouble. You better check that up with a doctor because it might be an infection or you have a destroyed bladder.

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