To the PC users, what version of Windows are you currently running?

I built my desktop computer in 2006, and had Windows XP installed on it as the operating system (OS).

Now it is 2013, I will admit that I still run Windows XP!

I haven't had any noteworthy problems with Windows XP, so I haven't felt the need to go through the trouble of upgrading my OS since my system, hardware-wise and software-wise, works perfectly fine.


1) What operating system do you use on your PC (desktop or laptop)?

2) Would you consider upgrading your OS?

3) Do you feel that Windows Vista, 7, or 8, offer features that you feel absolutely worthy of an OS upgrade of my Windows XP computer?

Thanks for answering!

  • Vote A Windows 8
  • Vote B Windows 7
  • Vote C Windows Vista
  • Vote D Windows XP
  • Vote E I'm anti-Microsoft, I run LINUX as my OS
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  • 1) Windows 7 on both my desktop and laptop. I use it because I'm a gamer. Otherwise I would have Linux OS in both of them.

    2) No because Windows 8 is one of the crappiest OS ever made and it's getting more and more obvious that Microsoft is intentionally making every other OS crap to boost sales on the next one.

    3) XP was a pretty good OS so it's not really that necessary. Though Windows 7 is a lot more user friendly and if you want to play any new games, it's necessary. If you're planning on making a new build in couple years, I would upgrade then.

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      I don't PC an emulator type of guy. :-P

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      Okay :D then don't waste money. What emulators do you usually play? I've had an N64 and I have Gameboy one for Pokemons.