To the PC users, what version of Windows are you currently running?

I built my desktop computer in 2006, and had Windows XP installed on it as the operating system (OS).

Now it is 2013, I will admit that I still run Windows XP!

I haven't had any noteworthy problems with Windows XP, so I haven't felt the need to go through the trouble of upgrading my OS since my system, hardware-wise and software-wise, works perfectly fine.


1) What operating system do you use on your PC (desktop or laptop)?

2) Would you consider upgrading your OS?

3) Do you feel that Windows Vista, 7, or 8, offer features that you feel absolutely worthy of an OS upgrade of my Windows XP computer?

Thanks for answering!

  • Windows 8
    17% (8)11% (5)14% (13)Vote
  • Windows 7
    58% (28)66% (31)62% (59)Vote
  • Windows Vista
    10% (5)2% (1)6% (6)Vote
  • Windows XP
    10% (5)15% (7)13% (12)Vote
  • I'm anti-Microsoft, I run LINUX as my OS
    5% (2)6% (3)5% (5)Vote
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  • 1) Windows 7 on both my desktop and laptop. I use it because I'm a gamer. Otherwise I would have Linux OS in both of them.

    2) No because Windows 8 is one of the crappiest OS ever made and it's getting more and more obvious that Microsoft is intentionally making every other OS crap to boost sales on the next one.

    3) XP was a pretty good OS so it's not really that necessary. Though Windows 7 is a lot more user friendly and if you want to play any new games, it's necessary. If you're planning on making a new build in couple years, I would upgrade then.

    • I don't PC an emulator type of guy. :-P

    • Okay :D then don't waste money. What emulators do you usually play? I've had an N64 and I have Gameboy one for Pokemons.

What Girls Said 10

  • Windows 7 x32


    2.No, but I think I will format and perform a clean installation because I'd rather have Windows 7 x64. -That's completely irrelevant though

    3.I've been told plenty of times that Windows 8 is great for tablets and other touchscreen sh*t. I've tried Vista before and it was pretty sh*t in my opinion.

    Windows 7 is your best choice.

    • Havent you been told that cursingbis un-lady-like? :-P

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    • Im just teasing you...sorry for accidentially offending you. :)

    • Lol it's good. No harm done. I am not easily offended, don't worry about that :D

  • 1) I use windows 7 on my laptop, but Windows XP is still running on the family computer :)

    2) I don't like what I've seen of Windows 8, and Windows 7 works just fine, so I don't feel like updating it.

    3) Now that I'm used to 7, it feels weird to use the XP, but both OS are perfectly OK. As long as it's running without any noteworthy problems, I don't see the need to upgrade it. Besides, since you built it quite a few years back (2006 isn't that far, but computer wise it's "old" ://), you could have to switch up some components in order to properly run windows 7.

    Moreover, I think Windows 7 is really memory consuming (same for vista), so that's one thing you'd have to consider if you want to upgrade your OS ^^

  • My dad just got a laptop today and it has Windows 8 on it and he absolutely hates it. I think he's already downgrading it to windows 7! I've heard a lot of people saying they hate windows 8 because it's just so different and hard to get used too. So I'm happy with windows 7 on my laptop and don't intend on upgrading it.

    If you're looking into upgrading your OS, I would recommend Windows 7. It's very similar to windows XP but much more futuristic and you have a lot more customisation options. :) XP is a harsh blue whereas you can change all the colors on windows 7 and so you can even choose transparency. Mines set to white and high transparency and it's like glass; it's a lot easier on the eye. :) Windows 8 is like a whole new level of confusing sh*t haha! Just look on google images and you'll see how different it looks!

  • 1. Windows 7 baby!

    2. Hell no, 7 is awesome and 8 is kinda lame without a touch screen.

    3. If you have 64 bit hardware, absolutely upgrade to Windows 7! Windows 7 brought a lot of changes that make navigation easier and lots of nice features like widgets. But if your hardware can only handle 32 bit, I don't think it would be worth it.

  • Windows 8 is like... wtf? They went too far with trying to do fancy visuals. I liked Windows because it was uncomplicated.

    I run Windows 7 which came on my laptop. But if I got a new one that ran W8 by default, I would buy W7 pack and downgrade that crap.

    Windows 7 is a great visual upgrade of XP in terms of design and UI, without changing too much. Some awesome things I make use of are the desktop Widgets, and window quick toggle (Windows+tab and alt+tab). I can also toggle languages just by pressing alt+shift. And also great is being able to press Start and type in a word or phrase which will filter and give you just relevant documents, programs, etc. =D

    As time goes on, many software that you purchase won't be compatible with XP or have as many features. That's a good reason to upgrade, I think.

  • 1) Windows 7

    2) I'm against 8, but I'm interested in the rumoured "Windows Blue." There is after all the whole "Odd numbered Windows operating systems are better than the even numbered ones."

    3) Yes I do, the Windows 7 GUI is a lot easier on the eye for a start. There are a lot of tweaks to the user interface which makes things a lot easier such as "pinning programs" to your start bar for quicker access. Vista I'd steer well clear from as it decimates your RAM speeds. Windows 8 is a lot less draining on battery life for a laptop.

  • I had an XP and then I had a Vista, and now I have Windows 8. I've run 7 as well. 7 and 8 are similar when you get used to them but there is a bit of a culture shock when you get 8 because of the start screen but after that you get used to it and it's pretty normal. I like 8 the best to be honest.

    It's very hard to find a new computer that runs anything besides Windows 8, though.

    So, in summation:

    1) 8

    2) No

    3) Yeah. 7 and 8 both are compatible with all previous forms of Windows (while Vista and XP have issues together). They're also much more user friendly.

  • 1. I use a laptop.

    2. It's upgraded to Windows 8 so I can't go any higher.

    3. Well, with Windows 8 you get apps unlike the other ones. I like Windows 7 also. My parents have a desktop that has XP on it and well, it destroyed itself last night..haha.

  • Still using windows XP.

  • I think this is an 8

    It is fine so far I have no complaints though I am not an expert user

    • If you're using Windows 8 with ease, then you must be an expert user haha!

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  • Desktop on Seven since a year, laptop on XP since 3 yrs

    Seven is as good as XP -difficult to judge performance since they're on quite different configurations.

    No worthwhile improvements in goodies.

    • I used 95 2nd edition as long as possible to avoid Vista. I don't regret missing that lame duck. I'm afraid Win 8 is of the lame duck kind too but not as bad as Vista. Curious about 'Blue'.

      (forgot to say: my son uses 7 and Linux, in dual boot) Linux takes me back to my Dos 5.1 period, before I got on NT4. (long ago-I used also Win 3.1 as a dos shell)

  • 1) I run Windows 7 with service pack one on both my main computer and my laptop. I'm currently running XP SP 2 on my old computer but I change OSes often. I was running Ubuntu or Fedora on it when I was using it as a web server.

    2) I've tried Windows 8 and found it nothing but an annoyance. I see no good reason to upgrade from Windows 7 right now. As for my old PC, we'll see. I might install Debian on it.

    3) Windows XP does not support DirectX 10 and up and as a gamer that alone is reason to upgrade. It also doesn't support 64 bit processors (unless you're using the special x64 version) which is another very good reason. Plus, the Windows 7 user interface is very handy and using XP now feels like more of a chore.

    XP is over a decade old and no longer supported by Microsoft. It's completely obsolete.

    • my sister finds windows 8 annoying as well

  • Windows 7 on my desktop, Windows 8 for my touchscreen laptop.

    I wanted to buy a hybrid laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad Helix) which would run Windows 8 but Lenovo took FOREVER and to release it without giving any kind of certainty as to when it would officially be available. First the release date was in February, then it was in March, then it was in April... f*** em. I just pocketed the extra $1,200 and went with a value Windows 8 laptop to run VB 2012.

  • 1.) Windows 7 (desktop) / XP (netbook).

    2.) Nope. Windows 7 is the best OS out there, but my netbook couldn't handle it.

    3.) Not really. Windows 7 is certainly an improvement over XP (assuming your old PC can handle it), but not a massive one - it's mostly just a question of many subtle little tweaks rather that anything particularly major. However, both are better than Vista and Windows 8 (even Microsoft have now admitted Windows 8 is a failure). The most compelling reason to upgrade to Windows 7 is the fact that Microsoft will eventually withdraw support for XP, and when that happens you don't want to find yourself stuck with Windows 8 because 7 has been discontinued.

  • XP was my favorite WIndows OS for as long as it was out on my desktop. After nearly a decade the motherboard is fried so it's toast. I'm running Windows 7 on my laptop right now.. I wouldn't buy a new operating system myself.

  • Windows XP 64 bit on my gaming computer and Windows 7 on my new laptop. Since I tinker around I often run into bad design choices on Windows especially Windows 7.

    Its such a shame that they always force people to move OS whenever they iron out all the bad stuff in the old OS. Windows XP right now is perfectly fine and if possible id like to use it but since I am a gamer I need to upgrade to Windows 7 (f*** Vista and 8) to play the newer games... Oh yeah f*** you Windows for forcing my hand with DirectX.

    If you ask me Windows 7 is the one I recommend. Its not as annoying as Vista and not as messed up as 8 (which is more meant for tablet devices with touchscreen if you ask me)

  • I was still running XP until December :P Didn't feel like just straight upgrading cause that's meh, better to do a fresh install and I didn't want to do that until I built a new computer which I did in December. But ya, Windows 7 still best. 8 is crap, especially with how much more controlling MS is getting. Pisses most developers off.

    • I feel the same probably not gonna update my OS until I build a new computer (maybe in the next 2 years).

    • Ya, it's really a pain in the ass to reinstall ALL your stuff and get ALL your settings back the way you like it. And sure you could keep that if you just did the "upgrade your OS" option, but it's still generally better to fresh install.

  • I'm running Windows 7. I've tried Windows 8 but I really don't like it as an OS for PC. It only really makes sense on a smartphone or a touchscreen PC. Unfortunately microsoft is sort of forcing people to get windows 8 when buying a new computer from most major tech websites.

    I really don't see any reason to upgrade just the OS if you have survived this long with it. What sort of stuff do you use your PC for? Just browsing? Making Documents? If that's all you do, then you really don't need to upgrade. If you play games or need to render 3D objects or doing anything that takes a lot of processing power, then you would be better off just buying a new computer

  • i run 7 but I am converting to linux soon. I am not anti microsoft though just perfer the way it runs and I like the extra degree of control

  • Still Win XP :) just habittt

  • im using an android laptop with build-in google search

  • 1. Windows 7. Sony VAIO laptop.

    2. No. I've had my laptop for nearly 4 years now. It came installed with Vista with a free upgrade to 7. When I buy a new laptop most likely in a couple of years time, I'll presumably get the latest OS.

    3. No. Don't upgrade to Vista. It's slow compared to XP. 7 I think is faster than XP, but it's not so much better than it's worthy of an upgrade, unless you can find a cheap or free upgrade.

  • Mac OS is the way to go

  • 1. Windows 7

    2. No

    3. Yes, Windows 7 is better than Windows XP in a very long run.

  • Vista is horrible. XP is way better that vista. 7 or 8 seem decent to me.