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Is it illegal to threaten to hit your child?

I'm just wondering because I don't get along with my dad at all and he threatens to hit me sometimes

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  • It is in some places.

    In English law (and legal systems derived from English law), threatening immediate non-defensive violence against somebody else counts as assault. However, English law and derivative legal systems have traditionally carved out a broad exception for parental discipline. There have been legal reforms in recent years though.

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  • It is not illegal for your dad to hit you, its only when he abuses this and the hits become punches, but children are allowed to be disciplined with a smack as long as the skin is only marked not broken or bruised.


  • No.

    It is illegal to actually hit your child though. More than a spanking that is.

  • No only if he hits you violently as opposed to punishment. It shouldn't be with a lot of force. But its not illegal to threaten to hit your child, but it can be if you are older than 18 and your parent hits you, best if you don't live with your parent or you may lose a case.

  • It's not illegal and I find disgusting that you even dare asking such question...

    My dad would threaten to hit me as well when I would cross the line and be disrespectful or selfish etc.

    That's perfectly normal and needed to force the child to adjust his outrageing behavior.

    If you don't do that and show kids the boudaries they should not cross, they become incredibly obnoxious, insolent, little brat.

  • No.

  • No it's not illegal to threaten with it, that's him parenting you, discipline. Even if he hits you, he's allowed to, unless he full on hits you in the face. Why don't you get on with your dad?

  • It's not.

  • nope. sorry if your plan is ruined

  • No, I don't think it's illegal to threaten to do it, although you could report him

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  • I wondered the same thing at your age lol. My dad never exactly hit me, but he did frequently use physical intimidation to get me to obey. It was incorrect in my opinion, but as far as I know it's legal. It sucks, but just hang in there until you can move out.

  • No, it's not illegal. It's disciplinary and his right as a parent. However, I do not agree with hitting your child in the face or hitting hard enough to leave bruises or marks. That would typically be seen as assault. However, I completely agree with spanking children on their behind when they misbehave.

    If they are disrespectful, or just do something totally unacceptable the parent has every right to spank or smack the child. When it turns into full on beating then that is obviously wrong. It's just a grey area and it can be seen in different ways by different people.

    Everyone has different parenting styles that others may not agree with. But it's not illegal unless, like I said, he is actually "beating" you and leaving bruises and marks all over you.

  • in Mexico it is not

  • no, but you should ask for help or get away from your dad when he is upset.

  • No, it's not illegal. Hitting your child isn't illegal either, only if it crosses the line over to abuse. Spankings aren't abuse. My parents threatened me all the time, haha! And spanked me sometimes... I turned out fine and I wasn't traumatized by any of it at all.

    He's probably just speaking in anger anyway, since he hasn't actually hit you.

  • Well if you're being a little bitch then he should smack you one. It's not illegal. It is not illegal for a parent to discipline their child. It is not illegal to hit your child. It is illegal to excessively hit/cause extensive bruising/broken bones thus taking the child out of commission, as it were.

    So maybe if you learn some respect for your dad, he wouldn't threaten to hit you. Ever thought of that?

  • no if you have no proof, if you do have proof call the police

    • call the police on your parents because they are teaching you discipline ? how retarded can you be...

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    • You're confusing the use of discipline and attempt of murder you imbecile.

    • I'm not confusing anything you sir don't know what the threat is

  • Not at all.

  • No it is not illegal.

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