Have you ever met someone whom you felt have DECIDED to like you without/before even knowing you well?

It seems like a weird question, but that's how I felt with one guy recently. I'm interested to know if I'm the only one who have come across someone like this.

They keep on flattering you, complimenting you and make you believe that there's a connection between you without even knowing you. You have known each other for days or a couple of weeks.

Has it ever happen to you? Why do you think they act like that? Why do they decide to like you without even knowing you well?

I'd love to hear your story/advice. :)


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  • Guys often decide within seconds whether or not they're interested because of how girls look. I'm not going to deny that girls sometimes do that too, but usually girls aren't going to be completely interested in a guy before he even opens his mouth. But guys do that all the time.

    A couple days ago the new girl who works at the post office next door to my restaurant came in for the first time. All the poor girl did was tell us she was working next door, order her food and leave, and as soon as the door swung shut behind her, my creepy coworker (who scared so many girls out of the restaurant that the owner told us to stop letting him work with customers) instantly said, "she's perfect." And when her food was ready and the manager told me to bring it to her, my idiot coworker literally pushed me into the wall and screamed, "I wanna take it! I wanna take it!" really loud in front of the customers. The manager told him no but he took the food and ran out the door. Then when he came back he announced that he loved her, and then I remembered that I didn't ask her her name so I asked him what it was and he said, "why would I know that?"

    The bottom line is, guys can be really, really narrow when it comes to what they like about girls. All he cared about was that she was pretty (which she really is), even though she's way out of his league. He's done that with tons of girls, myself included at the very beginning (but I shot him down really quick and he made angry faces at me for like a month after that, which was longer than I had known him at the time I said no). Guys see a girl they find attractive, and then they go for it instantly, because they think that waiting too long is what lands them in the "friend zone," failing to see that jumping in too quick lands them in the "creeper zone," from which there is no escape.

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      You helped a lot. Thanks. :) Your coworker is so weird. He's the perfect example of an immature, selfish and empty-headed person. I just hate it when guys think of us as a tool for their own pleasure without considering our feelings and thoughts. It seems weird to me that he's trying too hard to make me believe that we have a connection already. Everything I say is identical to what he believes in (oh, yeah) and whatnot. How should I deal with him? Could it ever be genuine?

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      Guys like that do believe that it's genuine. If a guy is "in love" with a girl instantly or believes in love at first sight, then he doesn't understand the difference between love and physical attraction. Guys like that are immature and not worth any girl's time.