Is there anything a girl can do to make up for being extremely ugly?

If she wants to date a very nice, intelligent, sweet guy, preferably more ugly than she is.


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  • Depends on what she is trying to accomplish. Lets face it, ugly extremely ugly guys generally don't even like ugly or even average girls.

    BUT I know of one very effective way that even an extremely ugly girl can become attractive to guys they desire. The key is to be as feminine as possible. Be mild mannered, agreeable, uplifting, and playful. Wear dresses and skirts as much as possible. Grow your hair long and wear it down as much as possible.

    Looks are very important to guys and good looking girls definitely have an advantage, but femininity is even more important than looks. Things like personality and common interests don't really matter as much as those two things.

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  • You may perceive yourself as ugly but that does not make you ugly in the eyes of others.

    Possibly, by finding an intelligent and sweet guy and not paying attention to how he looks.

  • "It doesn't matter how black the coal is on the outside, there is a diamond in every human being."

    If you have the ability to make your dream man happy, and cause no problems, then he will stick to you like glue.

  • Just date guys that are on your level, bring what they bring to the relationship, and put effort in at the start.

  • Personality and sexual willingness.

  • I don't really think a girl can be EXTREMELY ugly.cheer up baby girl your so fine you just haven't realized it but someone else does

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  • Stay in shape. I've seen girls with ugly faces that get by because of their bodies

    Wear makeup.not heavily applied makeup, but light to medium amount that emphasize your eyes

    Keep your hair in a cute style

    Dress cute and feminine

    All these things will make you less ugly. If you do all of this, you'll be seen as at the very least average

  • ugly guys are everywhere ugly overload on the earth

  • Yeah having a good personality...

    maybe a YouTube makeup tutorial. since I use makeup to fix my face when it's acting crazy.

  • By having a nice personality

  • Have a big personality and hmmm are you that ugly you would want to date someone who is less uglier

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