Why do men in their cars try to talk to girls they see walking? Do guys think this method works?(please read)

I don't dress like a skank, in fact I dress pretty tomboyish and I am overweight and I wear baggy clothes and pants. And when I do dress nice I am covered up and I do not wear tight pants.

I am getting really annoyed by this. Today I got off the bus, and I am walking on the sidewalk and all of a sudden this fat guy in his car I think was trying to ask me out, I just ignored him though.

Also a decent looking guy on the train gave me his number and I am flattered that a decent fit guy did but he was not my type and he was some random guy on the train so I waited until he got off and I threw away his number on the train floor, this other guy saw me do it too.

Also why do more men try to talk to me when I am single and not even focused on trying to date anyone right now?


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  • idk...i'm sorry about the guy in the car :/ a few years ago, these guys in my neighborhood would follow me whenever I was walking home from the train station. saying really stupid sh*t to me the whole time and laughing amongst themselves too. I don't know why but one guy alone = gentleman. you have more than one congregating in a small area and all of sudden, they all turn into pigs.

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      i agree, the guy that approached me on the train threw me off because he actually dressed nice, so that is why I did not give him the paper with his number back because he seemed like a gentleman. Usually when a guy gives me his number on the train I give it right back to him. Men seem so desperate for sex these days

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      Why would you think a person that dresses nice just wants sex? Why do all women think that?

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      @1234 I do not think he is after sex because of the way he dresses. My ONLY MAIN CONCERN is that he may be a PSYCHO. I could care less about how he dresses. I take the buses and the trains and I do not want him getting the wrong idea just because he did not see me throw away the paper. I am sorry if you misunderstood my last sentence.