Why do men in their cars try to talk to girls they see walking? Do guys think this method works?(please read)

I don't dress like a skank, in fact I dress pretty tomboyish and I am overweight and I wear baggy clothes and pants. And when I do dress nice I am covered up and I do not wear tight pants.

I am getting really annoyed by this. Today I got off the bus, and I am walking on the sidewalk and all of a sudden this fat guy in his car I think was trying to ask me out, I just ignored him though.

Also a decent looking guy on the train gave me his number and I am flattered that a decent fit guy did but he was not my type and he was some random guy on the train so I waited until he got off and I threw away his number on the train floor, this other guy saw me do it too.

Also why do more men try to talk to me when I am single and not even focused on trying to date anyone right now?


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  • idk...i'm sorry about the guy in the car :/ a few years ago, these guys in my neighborhood would follow me whenever I was walking home from the train station. saying really stupid sh*t to me the whole time and laughing amongst themselves too. I don't know why but one guy alone = gentleman. you have more than one congregating in a small area and all of sudden, they all turn into pigs.

    • i agree, the guy that approached me on the train threw me off because he actually dressed nice, so that is why I did not give him the paper with his number back because he seemed like a gentleman. Usually when a guy gives me his number on the train I give it right back to him. Men seem so desperate for sex these days

    • Why would you think a person that dresses nice just wants sex? Why do all women think that?

    • @1234 I do not think he is after sex because of the way he dresses. My ONLY MAIN CONCERN is that he may be a PSYCHO. I could care less about how he dresses. I take the buses and the trains and I do not want him getting the wrong idea just because he did not see me throw away the paper. I am sorry if you misunderstood my last sentence.

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  • ok ... from a car ... that's just ... no I don't even have words for that ...

    but about being talked to ... well we don't have the magic ability to read your mind and know when you are not looking for a date ... it takes some courage (or even some more for some of us) but sometimes, we simply talk to you, and give you a telephone number or ask for yours ...

    that's just part of the game ... and that's hard enough ... please don't expect us to learn mind reading ...

    if you are not interested, that might be a hard moment for a guy, but don't be afraid to say "sorry, I'm not looking for a date right now ..."

    if you are talked to, that only means you are aproachable and attractive

    • Do you think I led him on? Because he gave me the piece of paper but I did not put it in my purse, I waited in my left hand where he couldn't see and I waited for him to get off the train and then I dropped the paper.

  • I try to invite girls in my car with lollipops and candy...strange thing is that cops always show up 5mins afterwards...I don't know why... :P

  • I think that so tacky doing that from a car.

    • I have gotten this alot, I really think some of these men may be sex offenders or they may be a coward and afraid of rejection. I need a car, but I just came off the bus from an interview. I noticed that when I am less focused on men they are more focused on me. I'm just trying to get a job

    • Ha I could say the same about me, I noticed that the more you go about not focusing on something the more it seems to come up

    • Don't get me wrong I want a boyfriend but I want a job more lol

  • Just stupids think it works..

  • It's because it's easier to approach women that way.

  • When you're alone

    • I think men do it because they can. I don't think they should but they do it because the possibility of bothering a female walking exist

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    • It's just the way it is, that's the way it works

    • Well the other guy saw me drop the paper after the guy left the train. I just hope he is not psycho & assumes I like him just because he did not see me drop, the paper. I have standards too even as a big girl and he did not meet them

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  • because the guy can make a quick escape

  • because they are douche bags and they can leave fast if the girl doesn't answer well