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What does spending the night really mean to you?

I just text a guy that I have been seeing last night to let him know that I wanted to spend the night with him but I understood he had plans. Mind... Show More

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  • well, if I was interested, I definitely wouldn't feel turned off is he wanted to spend the night. But I suppose that depends if there's a reason for a guy be turned off (maybe some kind of insecurity like you implied).

    But yeah, if a girl jsut said "I want to spend the night", I'd think she's referring to focusing on sex, even if subconsciously. If you wanted to make it seem like you wanted to hang out and end the night at his place (sex or no sex included), I'd think a more "appropriate" proposition would be to just say you wanna hang out for the night.

    Essentially, a girl wanting to "spend the night" means sex.

    • Well I left out some parts. I did text that me and a friend of mind wouldn't mind hanging out if he invited us so maybe that soften it a bit. He knows I miss him because I text and sent him pics often. I just hope he remembers our previous convo's we had. I even told him that he is an interesting person to hang out with and talk to previously. So hopefully he didn't take it like that. ..but he loves sex lol

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    • I think we know what we want but we are taking it slow. I remember him saying that he like things to happen organically and so do I. I don't like to think about what is going to happen tomorrow. I told him I am trying to get to know him. I want to make sure that he is the one.

    • yeah, sometimes it's hard to take thing slow, even if you want to. But it definitely doesn't seem like he's lost interest, even if he doesn't reply to a text.

  • Ey man, its all about self control. Make it clear, your intentions...

    • So basically you are saying because I was straight forward..that is all men want? I basically was. I told him that even though he had plans I wanted to spend the night with him.

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