What is your earliest childhood memory? Describe it as best as you can...

What's the first memory you've ever had? How old were you?

Mine is of being born. I guess I was age none. (Before that all I remember was muffled voices- one male and one female, and sometimes a few other quieter ones or some music or dishes clattering or doors opening and closing. I know, crazy huh? I've always had a very exact memory...)

So anyway, I remember floating around and kicking and stuff. It was warm and dark. Then all the sudden, there's like this WHOOSH noise and it gets all cramped in there! Like I was getting squeezed... The squeezing went on and on and just kept getting worse! Then the car noise, and a lot of louder talking and beeps and a man's voice saying "puush!" and stuff. Soon my head was almost crushed in half and being pulled on, then the squeezing was over and it was cold but not cramped. I couldn't breathe at all but someone hit me on the back and I was kinda pissed about the whole situation, all these bright lights, cold air and moving silhouettes and getting tossed about and poked with fingers and cold metal things.

All I know is it was a lot more comfy in there. Out here can't compare.

So what is your first memory?

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LOL Of course I don't remember being born. That was just to bait the fellas who troll me and attack every question I ask. How can anyone even be that stupid to believe that is beyond me, then to try to dissect it like it is their job and I am a fool? Well, there's more than one way to be a fool... turning a fun story sharing time into a scientific lecture about the significance of the frontal lobe in storing memory is one of them. I'm not here to interact with self-righteous condescending tools.
My real first memory was of being bathed in a sink the size of a turkey platter. I was probably 10 months. Somehow I do remember my cousins giggling and saying, "Look how small his penis is!" hahahha. And NO girls, I don't still take baths in the sink. :D

I have lots of memories of my Dad coming home and drinking beer. He brought me a lego police car when I was three. Then he punched my brother in the face at the dinner table, broke his glasses cut his eye and everything changed inside me. :(


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  • i have many memories when I was young, like I was lost somewhere, someone took me and went to officer in the next village holding my bottled milk, broadcast in radio, ride a firetruck that day and look if I could remember our house which I didn't so we went back to the fire station, I've seen my parents and siblings walking hand in hand when they saw me. lol!

    i always falling every time when the fan is on, I was so thin that's why the air can easily push me and fall.lol

    i don't like riding at the back of the car when my father go up the hill, its like I'm riding in a roller coaster..lol

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      I took the school bus to kindergarten (first school grade) and then took it home. I didn't know you had to know where to get off so I just sat in the back of the bus and was short so nobody could see me. The bus driver brought the bus back to the parking lot, then checked all the seats for kids. He found me and says "Wheres your stop?" I said "I don't know" and he had to call it in then I was brought to my house an hour later to my dumb mom who didn't tell me the obvious shti about how to get home.

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      Awwww... ::Hugs::

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      haha! hugs you back! I'm stronger now that's how I see myself now. ^_^