What is your earliest childhood memory? Describe it as best as you can...

What's the first memory you've ever had? How old were you?

Mine is of being born. I guess I was age none. (Before that all I remember was muffled voices- one male and one female, and sometimes a few other quieter ones or some music or dishes clattering or doors opening and closing. I know, crazy huh? I've always had a very exact memory...)

So anyway, I remember floating around and kicking and stuff. It was warm and dark. Then all the sudden, there's like this WHOOSH noise and it gets all cramped in there! Like I was getting squeezed... The squeezing went on and on and just kept getting worse! Then the car noise, and a lot of louder talking and beeps and a man's voice saying "puush!" and stuff. Soon my head was almost crushed in half and being pulled on, then the squeezing was over and it was cold but not cramped. I couldn't breathe at all but someone hit me on the back and I was kinda pissed about the whole situation, all these bright lights, cold air and moving silhouettes and getting tossed about and poked with fingers and cold metal things.

All I know is it was a lot more comfy in there. Out here can't compare.

So what is your first memory?

deadmau5 & Kaskade - I Remember link
LOL Of course I don't remember being born. That was just to bait the fellas who troll me and attack every question I ask. How can anyone even be that stupid to believe that is beyond me, then to try to dissect it like it is their job and I am a fool? Well, there's more than one way to be a fool... turning a fun story sharing time into a scientific lecture about the significance of the frontal lobe in storing memory is one of them. I'm not here to interact with self-righteous condescending tools.
My real first memory was of being bathed in a sink the size of a turkey platter. I was probably 10 months. Somehow I do remember my cousins giggling and saying, "Look how small his penis is!" hahahha. And NO girls, I don't still take baths in the sink. :D

I have lots of memories of my Dad coming home and drinking beer. He brought me a lego police car when I was three. Then he punched my brother in the face at the dinner table, broke his glasses cut his eye and everything changed inside me. :(


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  • i have many memories when I was young, like I was lost somewhere, someone took me and went to officer in the next village holding my bottled milk, broadcast in radio, ride a firetruck that day and look if I could remember our house which I didn't so we went back to the fire station, I've seen my parents and siblings walking hand in hand when they saw me. lol!

    i always falling every time when the fan is on, I was so thin that's why the air can easily push me and fall.lol

    i don't like riding at the back of the car when my father go up the hill, its like I'm riding in a roller coaster..lol

    • I took the school bus to kindergarten (first school grade) and then took it home. I didn't know you had to know where to get off so I just sat in the back of the bus and was short so nobody could see me. The bus driver brought the bus back to the parking lot, then checked all the seats for kids. He found me and says "Wheres your stop?" I said "I don't know" and he had to call it in then I was brought to my house an hour later to my dumb mom who didn't tell me the obvious shti about how to get home.

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    • Awwww... ::Hugs::

    • haha! hugs you back! I'm stronger now that's how I see myself now. ^_^


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  • My first memory was when I was around 2 or 3. My mom was video recording me and I just kept saying "over the big briiiidge" again and again. My favorite sentence as a kid haha.

    • What's your favorite sentence now? Mine is That's that and this is this. It sounds crazy but logically it makes sense in most situations. But that's that and this is this.

  • I spent the first 3 years of my life in and out of hospital, so most of my memories are of needles, different nurses, a strong smell of old people and disinfectant. Corriders that where never ending and even though they looked empty they sounded busy. So many different noises.

    I don't remember in the sense of watching a movie, but I remember the scents, sounds and feelings that accompanied them. Even now I can be randomly doing something and a sound, smell or texture of something brings back everything I felt while I was in hospital.

    Its weird how the memories work differently for everyone, but its also something I love.

    • I said to someone else about how early memories are sensory snippets that can resurface much later in life by being reminded or something triggering them. I'm sorry for your hardship and hope you are well these days. IT's really cool how you can embrace the nature of memory, that's what's up with this question.

  • The one I remember the most was when I was about 5 years old I'm guessing, and I used to throw my toys outside my apartment window where we were living at during the time hitting peoples cars. Was pretty fun until I got in trouble for it lol. Also there was an incident where my mom bought a box of yummy white powdered donuts and I remember her mentioning to wait and eat them. I disobeyed, of course, it's my nature..aha and I ended up eating them and my mom ended up asking me and brother who had eaten them and I said I hadn't, unknowingly being aware of the fact that I had white powder evidence on my mouth. I think I got spanked for that after that. Lol f*** how much I wish I could go back in time.

    • I used to play inside the kitchen cabinets. Or slide down the stairs on a blanket or pillow. Cartoons every Saturday with cereal.

  • mine is actually quite sad I was 2 years my brother was 4 and we were hugging each other has we witness my parents fighting really bad, things were being trowed awfull yelling screaming, I think they even got physical at one point, my mom has a scar in her neck I'm pretty sure it was made that day. Anyways I didn't speak but I remeber wanting them to stop and crying a lot ( my brother wasn't crying he was petrified)

    • :( I'm sorry

    • thank you but it's okay now they got divorced and that was the first and last time I saw a figth between them

    • cool. I wish my parents had gotten divorced but oh well.

  • I love "deadmau5 feat. Kaskade - I Remember", so beautiful.

    Hmm, my first memory must be one day when my dad was trying to teach my mom how to drive (of course this is super illegal and dangerous), but I was in the car with them, and I remember we driving down a hill and me laughing (as a baby), because it tickled in my stomach. Haha :)

    • I remember taking a nap on my dad's lap and feeling his belly go up and down when he breathed. When I was 3 I told my mom I would probably marry my playmate because she was a nice girl

      you should check out this Kaskade remix, I've been digging it link

      And then for no reason at all xcept he is the man: tommie sunshine link

  • I was 5 years old wearing a dark pink dress ,it was a sunny day I was playing in front garden a black cockroach walked by me I picked it up ate half of it then went into the house and gave the other half to gramma

    • That reminds me: My bro and I were digging for worms, I was younge so of course I worked the shovel. It got caught on a root, he bent down to look in the hole and the shovel popped up and caught him right under the eye! Inside they were putting cloths and getting out a steak for some reason. I was so freaked out I was crying my ass off so my dad fixed it by beating the sh*t out of me real quick. Thanks Dad! I learned a lot that day. Namely you're a f*cking a**hole.

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    • Of course I can! I'll search it from your profile, it's easier. Also I'm big on giving 5 stars to nice people.

  • Going to Kindergarden and my teacher Ms.Lewis. Also, dreaming that my parents ran over a raccoon and explaining he'll never see his family again. I thought it was a dream but my parents swear I was dreaming. I was 5 and 4 at the time

    • Once I was tripping on acid in hs and a red car full of teenagers hooting and hollering came and was really speeding. A fat racoon was crossing the road. We saw it coming. When the car hit the racoon the mother exploded and babies shot out everywhere in the road. They were not fully developed and left in the road to wriggle and die.

      So I learned my lesson. The kids not on acid were total a**holes! So I took it many more times. Lock me away I guess, because I must be crazy from all that LSD.

  • You probably don't ACTUALLY remember being born. Most people have a few false childhood memories, and I'd bet money that's what you're experiencing. Memories before the age of 3 or 4 usually aren't real memories.

    I don't really have one specific earliest memory. I can remember living in my grandma's house in Oklahoma when I was 3. I remember my old mermaid dolls I'd play with, and watching Sesame Street. My older cousin lived next door, and she'd come over sometimes. She'd pick me up and swing me around, and I remember that was a lot of fun. I remember how hearing the train go by late at night used to scare me. That's as far back as my memory goes.

    • I was addressing this in my answer as well. I've always believed that humans had no ability to remember before their frontal lobe developed to the point where they could cognitively reason as well as remember.

    • I do have tons of memories from before age 2 but you're right. Nobody can remember being born, at least not actively. Your brain stores the information but organization for the long term doesn't happen. However, partial recall can be triggerred by descriptions and photos and such, so "false" isn't always the right term. Sensory snippets can come back.

  • The earliest childhood memory I can recall was me sitting on the side of the sofa eating apple jacks. I was a baby, because I remember being in a dirty diaper.

    • hahaha awww... Apple Jacks are delicious. Whenever I was in a dirty diaper I just screamed until those tall people figured it out.

    • lo yeah, I loved cereal as a kid. Still do. l I think (well assume) who ever was watching me, was probably a sleep on sofa, since I was next to it. When ever I think about that , I remember being content. I used to get into a lot of stuff, so that's probably why I didn't cry or scream. Most likely I took advantage of the situation lol

    • Let's face it, sometimes a poopy diaper just isn't really the main thing on your mind... if I recall correctly, which of course, I do.

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  • the earliest memories I have are sitting on the floor listening to my parents records, I did that everyday for hours on end. I remember a lot of things with my father, I went everywhere with him, sometimes even where he worked at the time. I remember in kindergarden or first grade I had a toy car that I liked and I took it to school and some f***head kid stole it from me >:O but that taught me a valuable lesson about keeping the things you like at home instead of bringing them with you everywhere.

    • My Dad had a Black Sabbath album that I never heard but my Mom always listened to Oldies. I recall this song playing: link Imagine how I would have turned out if Crazy Train had been playing! Exactly the same.

      In third grade I had a lego car. I finished my work so I took it out of my desk and started playing with it. The teacher took it away, called me a baby and gave it to her nephew. it was all drooly months later when I got it back thx to mom. Beeotch.

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    • it may have been salvia, it rocked my world that's for sure. that synthetic sh*t is really addicting too, the high wears off pretty quick and then you're hitting it more and more. pcp and dust have no appeal to me (although I never thought I'd f*** with synthetic either). I generally like a mellower high, not speedy or crazy. but I'm kinda experimental and spontaneous as well.

    • Yeah I'll probably never f with dust again, although I know why they call it Angel Dust, and the anaesthesia is quite pleasant.

  • I was under the impression that humans were not able to remember their birth or early childhood due to their lack of cognitive ability. My very first childhood memory was when I was first able to form thoughts in my head. I was playing with my younger brother (I was 4, he was 3) and I exclaimed "Look! Look! I can count with my eyes!" -Demonstrates- I was astounded. All "memories" I have prior to that were people describing things to me and my brain formed a fictional "cutscene" to go along with it

    • I always was prodigious. Interestingly, hypnotists have regressed subjects to the point of conception (when they were the "sperm" in one case) and found that unlike what was previously postulated, in this "sperm subject's" experience, the wall of the egg reached out like a proboscis and enveloped the sperm's head and pulled it into the egg. Later studies confirmed that this is a more accurate description!

      "Winning the Sperm Race," (Psy. D Graham Farrant) "When the Impossible Happens"p.110,Grof

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    • Actually, there is no "discussions" page on GAG so I'm pretty sure we can discuss whatever we want wherever we want. Especially so, if it's on the topic at hand. We're calling bullsh*t on your "memory" and you're getting all insulted because we don't believe you? "It's QUITE besides the point..."? Someone got an 'A' in pretentious 101. Block me all you want, it's no skin off of my back. Saves me the trouble of having to block your ass.

    • Lol. People are so funny :3

  • Well, it's one of three possibilities, I don't know the chronological order.

    1. Getting a splinter from the fence behind our apartment, which sucked, and my mom digging it out with a sewing needle, which REALLY sucked.

    2. My first Halloween and trick or treating. I was a black cat. Total chick costume. Thanks, mom.

    3. Eating Trix cereal and watching TV when a Trix commercial came on. I was mad at the kids for not letting the rabbit have any cereal, and I wanted so badly to give him some of mine. WHY CAN'T YOU JUST GIVE THE RABBIT SOME CEREAL, A$$HOLES?!?!?!?

    All of these were when I was two years old, because we only lived in that neighborhood that one year.

    • Awesome! I was the Wicked Witch of the West first Halloween. I scared the fk out of myself!

      You're right about trix. I mean they say Trix are for kids, but expalin the playboy bunnys? In the case of me lucky charms, the kids were after me lucky charms!

      They should have a cereal that kids can't get on the commercial. THen put it on the top shelf in a glass case and play the commercial. The tantrum cure would be worth hundreds of $$$.


  • It's impossible to tell, since I have a few, but I don't know which one I was the youngest in.

    Getting caught climbing in my moms closet to peak at my birthday present.

    Or maybe it was having dreams of running up the stair from the basement out of fear that a giant octopus like monster would catch me.

    Or swimming with my father at my grandmas pool.

    Cant remember which what age though.

    And listen link

    • Oh yeah, our presents were under the bed and we carefully unwrapped and re-wrapped them.

      The basement was a black hole and I had to run up to or risk getting eaten by a Grue. Google it!

  • I was in a room (the smallest bedroom at my old house), and there was a white gate with vertical bars at the door. I walked towards it (or crawled) and put my hands on top of it, put my feet on the bars and tried to climb over. I couldn't and was a bit put out, and thought to myself, if only it had horizontal bars, then my feet would be able to help my push up (in a baby thinking way). I tried to think if there was a way I could get my gate to do something like that, tried clombing over again and then gave up.

    • Nice! I was an expert crib escape artist, feet like a monkey, gripping onto stuff, and those had vertical bars like what you said, and then a big drop to the floor.

      I could also climb up the doorways when I was 5, spiderman style.

      But tragically I also liked to get my head caught between the bannisters of the stair rail or the table legs.

      My earliest memory after my zero birthday was being bathed in the bathroom sink by my cousins. They were giggling saying, "look how small his penis is!" :P

    • I don't remember getting out of the crib, but I must have done so.

    • I remember those things, but just barely. The crib I actually do remember quite a bit of, different moments. Getting my foot to the top bar was the hard part then it was all easier. Seriously too.

  • I was on a race with my other quadrobillions brothers swimming. Yeah, it was a very hard race, but in the end I won and got the chance to make out with a big fat round girl. Luckily my taste in women has changed since then.

    • You took on all of society's discriminating values. Do you recall it being fun to kiss her hahah don't lie.

      If you didn't enjoy it you probably would have repressed that one :P

  • Mine is from when I was 4, May 2000. We were at my preschool having a field day and I was playing outside in the morning with a bunch of water sprinkles and squirt guns. The is actually a picture of me during that day on the refrigerator. I was cold from the water and shivering, and in the photo it shows me squinting and holding my arms close to me, to keep warm.

    Other than that I have no earlier memories, I don't actually remember that much about my childhood, thankfully.

  • i don't remember. probably playing with a toy, or sitting at dinner with my family or something.