What do guys think about women with a tattoo?

The question is basic enough, what do guys think about women with a tattoo?


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  • I'm not a big fan of them, I think they are kinda stupid looking. When your young, you don't think about getting a good job. I finally got a big boy job last summer as a general manager. I was told were looking for clean cut individuals to be the face of our brand. In so many words, if the tattoo is visible don't hire them. There are many companies that have policies in place, to not hire those with tattoos that can't be covered.

    I would also like to point out, for women that get tats. The women that win Miss. America contests and super models either don't have any tattoo's or are heavily air brushed for photo shoots. These women are the most beautiful in the world. So the majority of people must still feel tattoo's take away from one's beauty, not enhance it.


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  • I *prefer* no tattoos. I can accept one or two small tattoos without an issue, as long as they aren't in key areas:

    - face

    - neck (front or sides)

    - breasts

    - pubic area

    For me, a girl who had sleeves or big tattoos would have to be absolutely AMAZING in every other way to make up for the tats, and girls with tats in the areas I listed above would pretty much be a deal-breaker. Well, MAYBE if it was Scarlett Johansson, but even then, I'd have to think about it.

  • I don't care for tattoos. I do like women's skin without a tattoo. Women with tattoo's pretty much immediately become non-possible to date for me, but still can be interesting people. You realize that guys who have strong opinions about your question are going to be interested in responding and others, who don't care one way or another, will probably pass the question by.

    Different generations, occupations, education, religious preferences, urban or rural backgrounds, big city or small town are all going to affect the guy's preference. You wouldn't be interested in dating me anyway. I am in the wrong generation.

    Still, you asked...

  • hot.

    but be able to cover them up when you need to dress up.

  • It should be very small and attractive, not any big one, and on particular place on body, not on private parts

  • If it's a small one, not too exotic, and on a body part/area that are common for tattoos (shoulders, arms), then that's fine. If it's the opposite, I don't like it.

  • A small tasteful, tattoo on a part of the body usually covered by clothing is fine. A large or vulgar exposed tattoo is a turn-off. I especially dislike tramp stamps and pubic tattoos.

  • they're trashy.


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  • My husband loves mine. :P

  • who the hell cares what guys think just do what you want

  • We are in an age where tattoos are becoming accepted and even considered "hot" or "sexy"... most guys like them or even love them. With this generation it's kind of a given that a person has a tattoo!

  • Get prepared for a lot of tattoo hate. Many users on this site are very negative about tattoos.

    In real life, it's all up to the person. Some guys like it and others don't. Some are indifferent. It's not something you can really generalize.

    • I've noticed that, lol, so many guys on here are full of tattoo hate. Most guys I know [tattooed and NOT tattooed] either dig tattoos, or are completely neutral about them. Some do dislike them, but not to the point that it's a deal-breaker. And I know all kinds of people, lol, they aren't all 'like me'. =P