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What exactly is twerking?

I know that's the dance that Miley Cyrus did, but to me it just looked like she stuck her ass in Robin Thicke's face lol. But, I hear a lot about... Show More

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  • According to the Oxford dictionary : link

    For a good visual Idea of what twerking is (Miley is very average) : link

    just for lols. Read in David Attenborough's voice link


    Overall twerking has been around for centuries, but I only started hearing about it around 2010. A lot of good and bad (mostly bad) has been said about it by I say let people express themselves link

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  • Twerking is when a female shakes her buttocks in such a fashion that it jiggles and moves around a lot. There are two ways to do this: Moving the hips back and forth in a fast and forceful motion or simply bobbing the behind up and down.

    Twerking used to be reserved for dirty dancing in clubs and such (like grinding) but has now bled into mainstream pop culture. Women of all ages (even men) twerk to either attract mates of the opposite sex, to show off or for "fun".

  • If it is what miley ciris did. I feel sorry for that guy on stage lol. I could see maybe if there were say it might be OK if there were some beer models in bikinis doing it and it was just us in a room or something but miley cyris was really ugly through that whole performance

  • Miley needs to stop trying to force people to notice she's older now.. it's getting really old and lame now.

  • It is the mating dance of women that drives men crazy. Youtube search twerking or twerk team

  • its just shaking a fat ass so unattractive I don't know how people find it "hot"

    • Not necessarily "fat" because clearly miley has none at all

    • Well I am a slim girl but I still have a well rounded ass that is noticeable. Miley was flat like a pancake and it looked saggy.

    • yea thts what most girls tht twerk have...and miley needs to stop...

  • Twerking is often traced back to African culture by shea-buttery scholars but that’s a reach. True booty cheek vibration to the beat-twerking started in Miami, Atlanta or New Orleans (depending on the Twerk historian you ask).

    I also read online that (1) high-energy twerk sessions burn at least 500 calories an hour and (2) women who twerk (or p-pop in handstands) regularly are less prone to heart disease and diabetes.

  • Shaking your ass in front of someone.

  • It's pretty much just shaking your ass as far as I know. It's disturbing really, because the kids think it's cool when It's not, I've heard of preteens releasing twerking videos on YouTube, and now we have videos of young girls shaking their butts for all of the creepy pedos out there to look at. And these celebrities who endorse twerking, like Miley Cyrus, who were/are role models for these young kids, are certainly not helping the situation.

  • rubbing the butt against a mans stuff

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  • It means shaking your butt

  • Miley Cyrus did that wasn't twerking it was grinding, people putting wrong labels on stuff. Twerking is a dance no grinding involved go low enough to the ground bending the knees, like a squat, and just popping your butt in backwards and forward motions to the beat and if your confident or skilled enough that's when you can do one cheek at a time, bounce with it, or upside down/handstands. People have been doing it for years, just for fun party dancing not necessarliy dirty. Why it's getting so much attention now? Guess we're running out of dances recycling old ones.

  • miley is a terrible dancer. to see twerking, just YouTube it.

  • Twerking = dirty dancing

  • another pointless trend that doesn't look good.

  • Backing that thing up.(:

  • link

    It's been around for as long as I can remember, haha! I always called it "booty dancing", but I guess that didn't catch on (haha :-P), so now it's called twerking.

  • Urban Dictionary sums it up: "The rhythmic gyrating of the lower fleshy extremities in a lascivious manner with the intent to elicit sexual arousal or laughter in ones intended audience" Yup.

  • Google is your friend

    • You decided to answer my question, by telling me "Google is my friend" lol?

  • It's just shaking your butt in front of people

  • It's just shaking your ass

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