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I want to feel hot sexy, what are more ways to be sexy?

So, I want to be sexier. I have been told by all my giy friends I have a great figure, I'm sexy and hot. But what are more ways to be sexy? I have... Show More

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  • Wasn't it Rachel Welch who said "the mind is the ultimate erogenous zone"? (IQ 160). to me there is nothing sexier than a woman who knows how to mold words and phrases. Mae weat was not the most beautiful woman on the 1930s silver screen, but she could turn an entire male audience on with a few words: "Is that a gun you're wearing or are you just happy to see me?" and "A hard man is good to find." She was a Jewess in her fifties and played opposite everyone from Carey Grant to W.C. Fields. She liked to be interviewed while she was taking a bubble bath. Another was Jayne Mansfield. She was a virtuoso violinist who discovered she could make a lot more money as a sex goddess. She was also the first female bodybuilder. One of her quotes was "Oh, Mr. Benny, a body is just a body unless you know what to do with it.." and "I like to save on laundry so I sleep in the nude." She was interviewed once in her pool on TV with her husband, the Hungarian bodybuilder Mickey Hargitay and said "Mickey and I are connected at the you-know-where." Angie Dickenson, the early 1960s sex goddess and known vixen once said about making love with Jack Kennedy, "It was the most exquisite 30 seconds I ever had." Nothing is sexier than a well placed comment.

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  • Try taking acting classes, and playing roles (naturally) that highlight your looks. This is great practice for 'acting' sexy, and will help you be more outgoing and not shy about showing your feelings.

  • Well having confidence and a personality is big like most everyone has mentioned but I take it you want guys to think you are sexy at first glance too? How do you normally dress?

  • How do you know your not super sexy already?

  • heels make everything sexier...

  • Have sex. It doesn't get sexier than that.

  • EXERCISE - the poor persons plastic surgery!

  • ok, it said that there was a vid attached, now it's gone. oh well. sexy is subjective just like pretty, beautiful etc. who are you trying to impress? I'm guessing guys your age? what's wrong with your personality that you want it to be sexier? did you ever watch 'who framed roger rabbit?'? roger's wife (highly embellished pinup girl) is at the apex of sexy for some guys. girl next door is it for some. you have to know your target audience.

  • I am also a skinny boy
    Bt although i will suggest u
    Maintain ur body by eating balance diet and do regular excercise or yoga

  • You can start by being happy with yourself. There is nothing sexier than a woman who is happy with who she is.

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  • You need to be comfortable in your clothes. Ask any guy, confidence is sexy. If you have to keep pulling your shirt some direction or adjusting your skirt, it gets awkward. Seriously go to a store and look at the mannequins. Before I found my style I literally bought the outfits that looked like the mannequins. At least I knew the look was in lol.

    Looking like a slut isn't sexy. Pick a body part to show off. Legs, boobs, midriff, but only 1. Watch YouTube videos if you need a new make up style or a new hairstyle.

    I don't think you can change your personality, you just need to show off you confidence.

  • I'm 100% sure guys will tell you to dress sexy/slutty like... But based on what you've shared you seem sexy already...I mean, if you have a sexy/confident personality, there's nothing to add to the already person that you are. When you're confident/positive, people can sense those vives that you elaborate and people (guys) will be attracted to you naturally


  • CONFIDENCE. I've always been told I'm really sexy and pretty but it wasn't until recently that I've been feeling confident about it (not cocky, there is a difference). Maybe it's because I've started going to the gym? Idk. But confidence is key.

  • feel sexy is not just about having a hot body but an attitude all about loving yourself as person and be comfortable in your own skin

  • Well, this is coming from a girls perspective, but I don't feel like I'm sexy either. My boyfriend constantly tells me that it's my quirkiness and imperfections that he finds sexy. I honestly feel like if I tried to be sexy I'd look stupid. lol Another thing is, it's all about confidence. Hope this helps!

  • Do nice things for yourself.

  • find confidence

  • You seem sexy enough already, but as long as your comfortable in your own skin and your confident about who you are, I think you're pretty good to go.

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