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What is your favorite Disney cartoon?

What is your favorite Disney cartoon? Mine is Snow White and the seven dwarfs

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  • I love all the Pixar stuff - that counts right?

    I have two young boys. With the exception of Legos, Disney owns everything they are interested in: Disney/Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel Superheros.

    ...I need to buy some Disney stock and get a slice of the pie I have been funding!

    • Yep it counts, as you said they bought it. Lol

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  • My all time favorite cartoon has got to be Mickey Mouse. I have a thing for Disney cartoons/movies TV shows. They have something magical about them. Of course, I'm only talking about the traditionally animated stuff from them, and not the recent computer generated animation crap they have been dishing out, year after year.

  • by cartoon do you mean just a TV show or a movie or both?

    Cartoon = ducktales

    Movie = Fantasia

  • None of them.

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