How do you deal with being Raped?

Seriously how do you deal with? There's a lot of pain from what happened to me. Things people say trigger it. Just pain. Especially if you've only had relationships where the guy didn't care about you. Just emptiness.

It was a previous boyfriend who did this to me, and I couldn't go out with anyone afterwards. sometimes if someone mentions his name, it makes me just want to cry. what makes it worst is my step dad brings it up and calls me a whore. that boyfriend was the only guy I've ever had sex with. ever since that, I can't do anything sexual. it just makes me start crying. I don't know sometimes how to deal with it

i'm trying to get busier but it isn't helping. I've been to counselling. the guys I've been with, after, they didn't really understand


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  • This is always a very difficult experience for anyone. Therapy with the right therapist can be incredibly helpful. Closure can help also, if this guy hasn't had charges pressed on him. Exposure and remembering, if you're still moving forward, should make it so the memories hurt less each time, little by little. If you ignore and attempt to bury the pain it'll always follow you. This experience will be crippling, and it will probably hurt terribly for a while, but not forever. You also need to try and find guys who are understanding, who will go at your pace, and be with and understand you.

    As for your step dad, he's a *****************************************

    The transition in emotion which I believe signifies progress is going from depression to anger. When your step dad treats you like dirt, instead of feeling bad, you need to learn to channel that self-destroying sadness into anger, anger towards him for saying completely outrageous and hurtful things to you. It's part of the grieving process.

    I'm so sorry you had to go through this. I have an old friend who's father probably molested or raped her as a child, she's 19 now, and she's incredibly hurt. I truly hope you become happier.

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      Hi ur not the only one its ok juno when it happened to me I felt so dirty and ashamed but with the help of councelling I feel better I think you should talk to people and always know ur better