Would you support me if I ran for Congress?

I don't live in this District, but as some of you may know, that slimeball Mark Sanford managed to get himself back in to office this year, and I want this seat. In addition, he hired someone who is MY AGE to be his Campaign Manager & Chief of Staff. This kid was one of the people who persecuted me my first year of College in the College Republicans. Pretty ridiculous to give that job to a 24 year old too...


Anyway, I would need to move there, and get the logistical and financial means to win a primary campaign, but I don't see why people would trust a man who betrayed not only his constituents, but his own family, and then just waltzes back in like everything is cool. I would do a better job and I certainly don't have the baggage he does. o0


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  • If I was in your district, sure. I've seen some of your responses to political questions on here, I believe me and you are like-minded.


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  • Sure thing^^

    • I am sympathetic to the Serbs, just FYI :o

    • It's ok,what's past is past lol

      Infact,my best male friend is from Serbia

    • Coolll how did he end up there?

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