What is the difference between handsome, gorgeous, and classy?

To me the words means pretty much the same, one means another pretty much but does anyone see a difference between the three words?

As well as what's the difference between good/great looking and handsome? I don't see difference but it tend to mean different to someone


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  • Handsome - (Usually used to describe a male), That has very good looks.

    Gorgeous - (Usually used to describe either a man/or woman), but mostly women who have very good looks.

    Classy - A behavior or personality trait, (Ex. not cursing, very polite, dresses very nicely (nothing provocative or trampy), has manners.

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      So I guess good looking means handsome?

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      No, not at all.

      A man that is secure of himself and his sexuality can give another man a compliment.

      There's nothing gay about it.

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      So if I say to my friend he's a great looking its the same as good looking and handsome right? Some tend to take it wrong. Does it really mean sexy because if so that's not what I meant .