What is the difference between handsome, gorgeous, and classy?

To me the words means pretty much the same, one means another pretty much but does anyone see a difference between the three words?

As well as what's the difference between good/great looking and handsome? I don't see difference but it tend to mean different to someone


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  • Handsome - (Usually used to describe a male), That has very good looks.

    Gorgeous - (Usually used to describe either a man/or woman), but mostly women who have very good looks.

    Classy - A behavior or personality trait, (Ex. not cursing, very polite, dresses very nicely (nothing provocative or trampy), has manners.

    • So I guess good looking means handsome?

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    • No, not at all.

      A man that is secure of himself and his sexuality can give another man a compliment.

      There's nothing gay about it.

    • So if I say to my friend he's a great looking its the same as good looking and handsome right? Some tend to take it wrong. Does it really mean sexy because if so that's not what I meant .

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  • Handsome is a term used to describe how good looking a guy is

    Classy - is a dressing sense some have it some don't. Like casual etc. I'm told my dressing style is classy

    Gorgeous - again is a term used to describe looks this time for both female and male. It's got a slightly higher ranking than handsome. It can also be used to describe other things ie. Clothing

  • when used to describe a person handsome and gorgeous refer to looks. classy is about atmosphere and quality.

  • to me gorgeous is the greatest compliment a guy can give a girl. it is saying that she's not just another "hot" girl but she's beautiful and unique in her own way that makes her more than just "hot".

    when I think of a guy as being "handsome" I think of him dresesd up in a suit, mainly with masculine facial features and it being more about looks. he's more than cute, and above just "hot"

    classy is the way someone acts. this doesn't have to do with physical features. it's about manners, grace, and the way someone carries him/herself and handles situations. for example a classy girl will not exceed more than her limit when she's out drinking (more than likely stay below her limit) she won't be dressed like she needs attention, or act like an attention whore, she will be able to be confident and charismatic but not into herself. she will not be playing flip cup or beer pong with the guys either.

    a classy guy has manners and knows how to treat a woman. he won't treat her like a piece of "a$$" and will open doors, pull out chairs and offer to pay for dinner. he makes plans in advance with a girl, not the night of, and is a true gentleman. he's also not playing flip cup or drinking out a beer funnel because his college days are fun memories but not for someone who is an adult now.

    **classy does NOT mean that someone can't have fun or that theyre stuffy. it simply means they have fun in a different way - one that doesn't include throwing up in trash cans

  • classy...antonym for slutty and trashy..especially trashy

    I think it's an exclusion or inclusion party...mostly exclusion, you can be handsome but not classy and vice versa

    And I think women who are very trashy are not often called gorgeous..maybe hot or bangable but not gorgeous

  • Handsome: extremely tall, skinny, artistic looking and attractive

    gorgeous: good looking in any way

    classy: smart, humble, respectful, sophisticated, shrewd, complex, intelligent, good manners, accommodating, educated.

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  • In order, James Bond, gay p*rn actots, and the "most interesting man in the world" commercial dude.

  • I think that being gorgeous is purely a physical trait.

    Being handsome is about 75% looks and 25% composure or confidence.

    Being classy is all about character.

  • In my opinion, handsome is for men.

    Gorgeous is for women who seem colorful, meaning her smile matches her beauty and personality.

    Classy, means you dress yourself well and know exactly how to behave to gain attention and power through a unique technique.


    Classy could also mean very well matured.

  • These all mean different things to different people.. Most people have a seriously jaded idea of them too.

  • handsome means handsome (good looking male term), gorgeous means very good looking unisex term. classy is a type of look has to do with a personality LOOK not looks wise

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