What is a "good girl" or "good boy"?

How would describe this standard of living? Is it sh*tty? Is it boring? It is an empty existence filled with nonsensse about being a socially awkward introvert because someone managed to get an "i" on a test when they were 13 and still developing their personality? Is it just about maintaining cultural values and resisting change in order to further the conservative agenda and therefore protect and even defend the status quo from "outsiders"? Is it just a simple label to take that allows you to, in essence, never take any given risks claiming that one's prudent and relatively safe lifestyle is less cowardice or lack of lust for adventure and more of a "choice"? Do tell.


Most Helpful Girl

  • A "good boy" is usually someone who prides themselves on generally having a good nature to an extent where they may lack personality. Because they meet the minimal requirement of being a good human being, they think they are entitled to a female's affection and love interest.

    A "good girl" tends to be a female who has too many morals to be a "bad girl". She usually isn't promiscuous, doesn't do drugs, and tends to do the right thing. Sometimes good girls "slut shame" and judge females who don't choose their mental path, suggesting that guys should insist them over the latter.

    Or at least that's what I've observed. Anyone with morals and a good heart is a "good girl" or a "good boy" deep down. In the words of Drake "I know exactly who you could be." I don't believe in claiming that all you are is a good or bad girl, or a good or bad boy. There is so much more to people. Guys who constantly label themselves as "good boys" tend to be relying on that term instead of taking it to the next level.