What is a "good girl" or "good boy"?

How would describe this standard of living? Is it sh*tty? Is it boring? It is an empty existence filled with nonsensse about being a socially awkward introvert because someone managed to get an "i" on a test when they were 13 and still developing their personality? Is it just about maintaining cultural values and resisting change in order to further the conservative agenda and therefore protect and even defend the status quo from "outsiders"? Is it just a simple label to take that allows you to, in essence, never take any given risks claiming that one's prudent and relatively safe lifestyle is less cowardice or lack of lust for adventure and more of a "choice"? Do tell.


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  • A "good boy" is usually someone who prides themselves on generally having a good nature to an extent where they may lack personality. Because they meet the minimal requirement of being a good human being, they think they are entitled to a female's affection and love interest.

    A "good girl" tends to be a female who has too many morals to be a "bad girl". She usually isn't promiscuous, doesn't do drugs, and tends to do the right thing. Sometimes good girls "slut shame" and judge females who don't choose their mental path, suggesting that guys should insist them over the latter.

    Or at least that's what I've observed. Anyone with morals and a good heart is a "good girl" or a "good boy" deep down. In the words of Drake "I know exactly who you could be." I don't believe in claiming that all you are is a good or bad girl, or a good or bad boy. There is so much more to people. Guys who constantly label themselves as "good boys" tend to be relying on that term instead of taking it to the next level.


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  • i think it's about having morals and applying them

  • It's just someone who follows the rules.

  • Basically people who don't break any rules, maybe live in a protected environment.

  • To me, I think of a person who is kind, friendly, benevolent, kinda naive and rule-abiding.

    Note I distinguish a good girl/boy from a good woman/man. In the latter there is more maturity, responsibility and insight.

  • In my experience "good" is just an excuse self righteous pricks use to hate other people who aren't "good". I.E are even slightly different from them.

  • I would describe myself as a "good girl." For me, it means life is less complicated. Not having to worry about drugs. Possible life long side effects of said drugs. No getting in trouble with the law. No sleeping around with random guys which means no STDs. And no, I don't find my lifestyle boring in the least. I can do exciting things without making choices that could possibly hurt myself or others.

  • Shitty? How come?! If you want serious relationship theyre the right one.

  • Good girl/good boy

    My views are

    1. Have high moral/cultural values snd and beliefs

    2. Respectful and is filial

    3. Obedient, which also mean they would tend to follow instructions but again they may break it if what they do isn't against their conscience

    4. Honest

    5. Kind natured

    6. Can be conservative

    7. Don't really go against social norms

    • Boring yes in some way

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    • I don't have a scale yet. I imagine if I did it would be short with 4 elements.

    • I am not ms. Good too. We are humans :)

      Infact I won't be attracted to a guy who fulfil the above 7 points, the person can be too boring but still like nice guy

  • Very boring people


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  • Your perspective is pretty deep, I would broaden it. Try to look at it a different way.

    By definition I'm a 'good boy'. I was sheltered as a child. I avoid outside interactions. I play games inside a lot. I never had many friendships outside of school, they don't last long either. I never had a genuine girlfriend until maybe about now(it's still developing). I did get in trouble from time to time in school, suspensions for fighting.

    In high school I was quiet. I got bullied, got in fights too. I never ate in the cafeteria for the entirety of my high school education. I do what I am asked, I wait for people to tell me what to do. I wait for help. I was raised that way by how my education was structured. I don't understand a lot about social structures or ques. My best description would be to say I'm like I came from the 90's and was dropped in the 2010's. I was out of touch but I'm developing now that I'm older.

    Nowadays I take the 'good boy' label as a good thing. I portray myself as a 'good man'. I'm expressively respectful, honest, loyal, truthful, openly opinionated and very friendly. I introduce myself and treat strangers as friends. Friends I make will always be friends regardless of what happens. I'm a nice person, I'm kind, I empathize heavily to the point where I probably shouldn't. I try to be more than a 'good boy', I try to be a 'good person'.

    And to speak on not taking chances as others would. That's okay if we play things safe, it's our lifestyle. I try not to compare myself to others, they're other people meaning they live a life different than me. If someone is a music star at age 21 and I'm still just a 21yr old kid in college who's failing his first year in art. Then so be it, I know I'm not a musician, I didn't have the opportunities he had, I may get sad but I'm ultimately satisfied with my life. I regret things at times but I can only affect the present.

  • As it was said in Southpark, there is a time for everything, and this time is called... College.

    Everybody doesn't get out of their shell at the same speed. A society-imposed standard will help them structure themselves. That's why it's appealing to most people.

    Then, for the free riders, it's always a bit more difficult to conform (and therefore to be accepted) but with time, I have noticed that a good mix between "good" and "free" is always a plus.

    • So you think it's more of a combination of behavioral freedom and conservativism? Or am I completely missing the point? I do that at times on some days.

    • Yes. An appearing conservatism in some domains provides with excuses in other domains where people can be more free. If you think about it, that's a bit how society functions. So no wonder it's the most well-accepted way to become one respected member.

  • Someone who is loyal, hard working, decent and kind. Someone who stands up for others, someone who can do kind things for others in need. Someone who can sacrifice something of themselves and make a difference.

  • good people prioritize others before themselves and are willing to sacrifice to help those in need. could be because they were raised that way or through experience.