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Girls, what do you prefer to be called? Beautiful, baby, babe, sweetie or other?

GIRLS,What do you PREFER to be called? Beautiful,Baby,Babe,Sweetie or OTHER?

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  • Gorgeous, love, sweetie, sweetheart, honey, etc I dislike baby or babe, sexy.

  • Pretty much any of those would be fine with me as long as it's not overdone or used in a cheesy way. Any form of affection is good. I'm not picky.

  • I like to be called "Alex." That's my name. I won't respond to anything else. My boyfriend calls me babe and 95% of the time I have no idea he's trying to get my attention.

    It goes like this:

    Him: "Hey babe? Babe? Baaabe? Babe! Damn it Alex!"

    Me: "Oh, sorry, what?"

  • I'm okay with those and my fiance uses them on a steady rotation, lol. But mostly I like that he usually calls me by my first name (and the full version of it too) or other special names that are in Serbian.

  • Betwyn works... Bet is fine too

  • I don't like nicknames much. My name is too short for a nickname, so nobody has ever called me anything but my real name (except for my parents, but that's kinda expected). I don't think I'd ever learn to react to any of those. But if I have to choose, I'd go with beautiful. Baby/babe is just ick, and sweetie is something a mother would call her daughter.

  • ANYTHING but cute. hate it.

  • hun, sweetheart, baby if you're dating me, beautiful, lovely if you're flirting

    i dislike babe, its impersonal because its used so much by guys that barely know you

  • I prefer my real name, but if a guy really likes those kinds of terms, I'm alright with beautiful, sweetie, honey/hon, things like that. I don't like baby or babe. Also, one guy kept calling me "boo" and I really wasn't into it...

  • Beautiful, or sweetheart. Baby might be okay, but my entire family calls my little sister "baby," so it would be weird for me, otherwise, I might be okay with Baby.

  • Beautiful, sweetie/sweetheart, darling, gorgeous. But only on occasion. Such as "Hello, darling." or "Morning, beautiful." Sometimes "hun" is okay. Otherwise I prefer my name; only because I don't pay attention unless I hear my name.

  • I hate babe and baby. It sounds dumb and trashy to me. My boyfriend only calls me those as a joke. I like sweetie. And sweetheart. Beautiful is great to, but not as a nickname. Then it becomes cheesy. But these are just my preferences. It really depends on the girl. I understand that my opinions aren't the same for everyone else

  • i like "yo"

  • Babe, sexy

  • I like when the guy says my name. Beautiful, cutie and sweetie are also nice. :p

  • I like being called by my real name or sj. But if they called me babe, baby, etc.. I don't really care

  • Beautiful or Gorgeous or Darling :)

    But I usually hate nicknameas so yeah..

  • its more about who is saying it too many men use these terms too freely its like whoa you don't even know me yet.

    but if its someone I'm dating I like to be called babe. beautiful is good but when I am all dolled up.

    sweetie sounds like you are trying to sell me something

    baby I'm not a baby

  • Real name. But if he wants to called me by a cute name every now and again I'm okay with beautiful, sweetie and cupcake.

  • Who likes to be called OTHER?

    Hello my OTHER! mmmuuah! <33333

    Call me awesome!

  • Well I'm not American but I love "ma puce, ma chérie d'amour, ma chéri, ma belette, mon amour"

    I love those nicknames.

  • Other. It's called "my respective name"

  • I don't really like those cutesy names. I prefer for him to call me by my real name.

  • I prefer to be called beautiful, pretty but not cute/baby/babe/sweetie/hot/sexy

    when someone called me babe, my hair wld stand haha

    • but not to always called me beautiful/pretty, name is preferred

  • ^Kitty^

  • My boyfriend has these really cute, unique nicknames for me. I prefer nicknames that aren't generic but are like little inside jokes between us.

  • I'd love it if a guy says "Hey Beautiful"! I thinks it's better than Baby/Babe/Sweetie...It makes you feel better or loved. Atleast for me, it does :)

  • i prefer to be called by my naem :)

  • Beautiful

  • depends on who the girl is to you if she's your girlfriend then stuff like baby,babe,sweetie etc. will seem cute to her but if she is some random girl who you are trying to flirt with beautiful is much more flattering

What Guys Said 3

  • None of the above if they don't like you.

    But I say something original, like Darling or Gorgeous.

  • I like it when they call me OTHER. :D

    • Hey, other, come here!

    • This just reminds me when google had "other" gender in their reg form :D link

  • The only B word, in my opinion, you should call a girl is "beautiful". Bitches love when you call them beautiful hahaha

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