Girls, what do you prefer to be called? Beautiful, baby, babe, sweetie or other?

GIRLS,What do you PREFER to be called? Beautiful,Baby,Babe,Sweetie or OTHER?


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  • i like babe

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  • I like to be called "Alex." That's my name. I won't respond to anything else. My boyfriend calls me babe and 95% of the time I have no idea he's trying to get my attention.

    It goes like this:

    Him: "Hey babe? Babe? Baaabe? Babe! Damn it Alex!"

    Me: "Oh, sorry, what?"

  • hun, sweetheart, baby if you're dating me, beautiful, lovely if you're flirting

    i dislike babe, its impersonal because its used so much by guys that barely know you

  • Beautiful, sweetie/sweetheart, darling, gorgeous. But only on occasion. Such as "Hello, darling." or "Morning, beautiful." Sometimes "hun" is okay. Otherwise I prefer my name; only because I don't pay attention unless I hear my name.

  • I prefer my real name, but if a guy really likes those kinds of terms, I'm alright with beautiful, sweetie, honey/hon, things like that. I don't like baby or babe. Also, one guy kept calling me "boo" and I really wasn't into it...

  • I don't like nicknames much. My name is too short for a nickname, so nobody has ever called me anything but my real name (except for my parents, but that's kinda expected). I don't think I'd ever learn to react to any of those. But if I have to choose, I'd go with beautiful. Baby/babe is just ick, and sweetie is something a mother would call her daughter.

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  • I like it when they call me OTHER. :D

    • Hey, other, come here!

    • This just reminds me when google had "other" gender in their reg form :D link

  • None of the above if they don't like you.

    But I say something original, like Darling or Gorgeous.

  • The only B word, in my opinion, you should call a girl is "beautiful". Bitches love when you call them beautiful hahaha