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What's the coolest or best alcohol commercial, that you've seen?

I know it's an odd question lol, but it was just somethingthat came to mind. I think the best alcohol commercialI've seen, so far. Would be for that Pucker Vodka, thecommercial itself is really cool and I love the song theyplay for it. link So, what's the coolest or best alcohol commercial you've seen?

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  • There was the one commercial where the women came out of a pool, wearing a bikini and I was all like "Yeah, that's hot."Then she gave me a juice box and I couldn't contain myself, so I unwrapped the straw and jammed it in the box, sucking out the delicious juicy goodness.but then I woke up.

    • Can I have your crack?

    • Sorry ,but it's on my ass. You don't mind that do you?

    • It's still only one line.

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