How can I take money away from people who don't deserve it?

For instance, KIm Kardashian, or the Jersey Shore idiots. How can I take money away that they never legitimately earned by contributing anything to society or having any sort of valuable talent or skill?


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  • I wouldn't concern yourself with taking their money. A lot of these people end up loosing it naturally because they don't know how to manage it (look at "The Situation" and his history with blowing cash). Just avoid watching mtv if you don't want to contribute to their wallets/purses

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      Except pimp mama Kris Jenner will make SURE her kids don't lose it. She still has 2 kids to pimp out. And Kim is secure with Kanye.

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      yeah well that's why I told him not to concern himself with taking their money. All he can do is prevent them from acquiring more by not watching their stuff. By the way, I don't see the kanye/Kim relationship lasting very long anyways.