Why do men always feel the need to touch me?

Lately I have noticed that when I am at work especially (school setting) my male coworkers feel the need to TOUCH me. I was walking and the custodian... Show More

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  • i guess your just a ... fun person to touch? you never mentioned your thoughts or feelings about this. Does it bother you? or not? This seems like a self-perspective kind of problem. I'd feel great if all the cute single girls randomly touched me. Not to sound perverted or anything. I think it would be easier to date women. However, the other day this ridiculously adorable girl gave me a bear hug. Didn't even know her.

    It's about how the person who is being touched feels about their environment.

    • I am the sort of woman who doesn't want a man to touch me unless I give them permission to do so. I feel it crosses my comfort boundaries. I just have to figue out a good line to use to make them feel as uncomfortable as the way they make me feel without them hating me.lol...btw some of thes men are married which is a double GROSS!

    • the married ones are the ones who are the most flirtatious. Men or women.