Is there a female aversion to dating a lone wolf?

Okay, I ask, because I am a lone wolf. I have very little interest in social bullshit, and all of my former friends, are living their married lives, shunning me, as the unmarried one. That's fine. I have adapted to the ways of the lone wolf. Does not mean I am not socially savvy... I just don't see any importance to it. All I have achieved in life, was done on my own, without the reliance upon others. Self made person, to the extreme. However, when it is realized that I cut connections with the leaches I called family, and cut ties with those who used to be friends, as well as being uninterested in being friends with anyone, I am viewed as "undatable" by most women, and the only women interested, wreaks of desperation. I don't want the desperate single mom with multiple kids, from multiple men. I don't want the woman that has been rejected by every man, because of whatever, and now she is desperate to find a man. No! But it seems to me, that the only ones that even want to take a chance with me, seem to be desperate. Am I desperate? No. I just want to do something that makes me at least appreciate life, opposed to the constant battles. I am financially secure, I am not some fat ass, and the majority of women I randomly associate with say that I am attractive. However, I have experienced that my lone wolf status, is both a faux pas, and a handicap. Not to mention, I barely trust anyone, but myself. That being said, what is the breakdown, here? The instance it is uncovered that I am a lone wolf, I get every excuse in the world, then I am back to square one. Perhaps I should find a lone female wolf? Easier said than done. Like trying to find an emerald, in a grass field, at night.

So, what is the aversion toward the lone wolf?

  • Vote A Lone wolves are sexy in a mysterious way!
  • Vote B Too aloof for my taste.
  • Vote C I don't care, either way...
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Before anyone spews out, "dating site" anything, consider this:

Lone wolf, is derived from the actual lone wolf. And the lone (man) wolf and the actual animal have a lot in common. Either they have been run from a pack, or (as is my case) left of their own volition. A lone wolf (both) are stronger and more vicious than a pack wolf. However, unlike the pack, lone wolves don't have the capacity to take down an ox, like a pack. But often find themselves hunting smaller prey. Nevertheless, the lone (man) wolf leaves the social pack, to become stronger.
A true alpha, don't need to shroud himself with betas to make himself seem alpha. When you lie with snakes, it is because you are a snake. Therefore, if you use social dynamics to make yourself seem alpha, you are really an insecure beta, perpertrating alpha. A true alpha sees no need to perpertrate their abilities. A true alpha shows through his actions, that he is. My actions, speak for themselves: Marine, several management positions, own my own property, carved my own way, without help.


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  • I think there mysterious, intresting and attractive but there also scary and intimidating. Scary because you wanna talk to them but you don't know how theyll react, how they are or anything since there so kept to themself and I guess intimidating for the same reasons, like you don't know if there a loan wolf because they choosed it or because there just shy etc. So even if I was attracted to a guy like that and trust me it has happened I will not do anything about it because there too hard to read and I need to analyze someone before I can approach them and if I can't I just admire from afar lmfao jk but you get what I mean

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      I heard of "loan" sharks, but never a "loan" wolf... I don't think I want to borrow money from him, considering a shark only has about 100 lbs/sq-in, and a wolf, with over 1500. I might not get beaten and broken legs,: with a baseball bat, for not paying him back... I might get "Jimmy Hoffa-ed"... LOL

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      Oh that's some scary stuff

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      One of my exes, of whom I am still friends with... Described our relationship as "A cat trying to figure out a Rubic's Cube, and eventually getting frustrated.". Of course, I was the cube.

      In a lot of ways, I admit to being a bit introverted. Not in the "lost in my own world" variety... More like always thinking. Basically, if I see a problem, I figure out a solution to that problem. That is just how I operate. I guess that is why I attract women with issues. They see me as a "solver"