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Former TV court Judge Joe Brown sent to jail. Do you believe in justice in your country?

Former TV court Judge Joe Brown was arrested and jailed in Memphis for challenging the authority and getting "pretty raucous" during a trial. It is... Show More

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  • MANY more judges and lawyers need to sent to jail. I has to be a very real possibility in their line of work otherwise they WILL! become corrupt like they are now. Anyone with any sort of power needs to be help personally accountable for every choice they make.

What Guys Said 15

  • He made the mistake of advocating for a personal friend; a common mistake, probably we've all been too emotional in a conflict situation involving a friend.

    He was released right away and no one was injured in this event. The media makes too much of things most of the time!

  • Money and connections can buy one's way out of proper justice, unfortunately.

  • I don't believe in justice in any country. Yes, there is corruption in the US, but even more so just about every other place.

  • Judge Joe Brow is one of the most arrogant, obnoxious, self-righteous judges out there. I have seen him on the show over the years. He sits back reclining on his judges chair swiveld to the side looking at the ceiling like he is the king. His infamous lines "YOu mean to tell me...". His ego is the problem and he thinks he is the law and above the law. Don't feel bad for the guy.

  • I believe justice can be bought in the US, which is why it's demonstrably true that more poor people go to jail.

    A rich teen in Texas stole alcohol, drove drunk and killed 4 people. Won't be serving any time due to "affluenza". What do you think would happen to a poor kid from the ghetto that did the same?

  • The justice system is a joke. As far a judge joe... well he's running for office so I think it was nothing more than a big publicity scam to get his name in the news.

    But no the if your rich your untouchable if your not you'll go to jail for years for a dime bag of weed.

  • I do not believe in justice in the US. If you're rich or have influence, you won't be put in jail unless you shot up a school. We have a very biased legal system.

    • tell that to Martha Stewart. Im glad she did some good in bars.

  • er...jury trials are bull.

  • Too many kids go to jail for little things like underage drinking, we need to be filling up our prisons with real criminals.

  • Judges quite often have a power complex. They sit in their rooms, and are little gods.

    Then the aren't able to keep from getting power complexes, and they forget that their power doesn't extend past their little room in their little jurisdiction. A cop will be probably be overjoyed to get to arrest a judge.

  • He as a judge shod have known not to talk back to that other judge. With the exemption of the other judge bieng inhumane I would say browns action which landed him in jail for contempt of court was uncalled for and unacceptable

  • It works pretty well here. Mostly because almost all judges are laymen here and because we have lots of cases where a jury decides. It's hard to bribe some 30 people all at the same time. Besides, nobody knows who they're going to be, it's a completely different authority which call them to duty - without knowing who's for which case.

  • the law is the law. you break it, you buy it

  • hell no

What Girls Said 5

  • He's a good guy - I don't think he deserves to go to jail and I hope that he is released.

    • Never mind. I got Judge Joe Brown Confused with Judge Mathis. I don't care what happens to Joe Brown.

  • good. we all have to abide by the law.

    • it's best to stay low key in japan

  • I don't believe in justice in the United States. The wrong people end up in prison over little stuff yet they give little sentences to people that deserve really long sentences.

  • The justice system is beyond broken and flawed. I have little to no faith in it anymore. In other news...
    He is going to have no fun in jail.

  • No i have lost all faith in our court system. A man can beat a child with a belt. Leaves bruise and child tells them what happened! But it was all not founded because the mother and boyfriend. Say it never happened!!! Court don't give a damn about kids in the court system where I live. Smh when s ok to beat a 3 year old with a belt and leave bruises? In orange county va that's where.

    • Place of the trial matters. If that 3yr old child was beaten with a belt and left with bruises in California where I live, that guy and gal would've went to jail.

    • Not in Virginia. Sadly he told them what happened and the mother and the boyfriend said it was a lie. So they unfounded it and shoved it under the table.

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