Has anyone told you look like someone else?

Who was it and are you flattered? What were the similarities and differences?


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    I was once told I look like Winona Ryder because we both have "angel faces". I don´t think I look like her because I have long blond hair (though I was a brunette when I got told that) but we both have big eyes and full lips, so maybe that´s why. I was flattered because I think she is gorgeous.

    Then, another time, my best friend told me I reminded her of a Barbie doll. I wasn´t flattered with that one, I actually got a little mad.

    And only a couple of months ago someone told me I looked like ths girl because of the haircut:


  • Yes

  • Ya my teacher but it was a past student id never seen,I wasn't flattered,since I don't know if it was a compliment

  • Yes a p*rnstar FML

    • >:o lol

    • So that's who I saw in that one clip the other day :p

  • Like my mom!

    I'm flattered! she's so pretty to me!

    Difference is to me she has a smaller face and she's older obviously lol

    I have long hair she has short hair... but everyone tells me we look alike o.0 I don't see it.

    • Who do YOU look like?

    • welll I guess that means that if you're purrrfect your mom is close to that as well :p good on her!

  • I've been told that I resemble someone else a grand total of twice: from a friend, and from my family members who say that I look like my great-grandmother (I count taht as "once" because it's the same comparison over and over).

    The comparison from my friends was sort of unflattering lol - I guess I looked like a girl who wasn't very smart..."but then you opened your mouth and I saw that that wasn't the case at ALL with you" (thank God). Sigh.

    I'm a mix of a *lot* of different backgrounds - mostly European, but I've had people think I'm Syrian, Egyptian, Libyan (once), German, American of course, etc. I guess I don't really look like anyone - more like a mixture of people.

  • Nope! I haven't been compared to anyone ha ha I don't think I resemble anyone :)

  • over the years people seem to think my name is or I look like a girl named jasmine lol and they will accidentally call me jasmine lol I used to get offended when I was a child but now I dont

  • In person...Nope:(

    Or maybe that's a good thing.

  • Remember the land before time? Ducky that green small thing? Yeah once some bastard compared me to that and I don't think I would ever be flattered by that. I'm also always compared to one of my best friends which people think we're twins.

  • Lol I have gotten called a lot of things that don't even look like me at all.

    Madea-big glasses

    Steve urkel- big glasses

    Beyonce- Facebook bufoonery!

    Sharon leal- my mom, gag

    Ashley banks from fresh prince- my friend...(buffoonery)

    Jill scott- gag bufoonery


    I don't remember all of the so called look alikes but I damn sure know I look like myself. I like to be told I look good or bad all based on my appearance not compared to others.

  • all the timee.. kim kardashian and I look nothing like her.. lol

  • this is weird but princess jasmine LOL... or they say I look like this girl they knew from venezuela lol or they just say I look familiar .

  • yea she's an old actress I can't remember her name... If I were to choose a celebrity that I look like it would be brooke sheilds or that chick who was married to charlie sheen..

  • I Carly... :(

  • Dirty Blond Kate winslet

  • Not one person has told me I look like people...but my sister...

    She told me I looked like Craven from Underworld...no lie she told this to me twice today.




    Yes I am a female... No I do not look like a man.

    I hope she was joking

    Well I am told I look like my sister, then my mom but they always say my sister looks nothing like my mom and looks like my dad so.

  • Yeah people call me Melissa and that isn't my name.

  • When I was 18 (a couple months ago) I was told that I looked like Lindsay Lohan when she was in the Parent Trap. She was like 13 in that movie so I was a little annoyed. I don't really get how that girl thought that, though. One, I was 18. Two, I'm not nor have I ever been ginger. I'm a blonde.

    I was told that I have Kim Kardashian's ass. I feel pretty weird about that because a lot of people are very split on whether it is a good ass or not.

  • I was told that I look like Lindsey Lohan by a drunk guy and another VERY drunk guy said I looked like a korean actress. I look like neither...I thought it was very funny though.

  • I was flattered to hear Nicki minaj

    Different facial shape and we don't look alike anymore, we looked more similar when she first came out before the crazy costumes and surgery

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  • Yes.

    A guy I was in school with.

    When I was 15 and he was 16, we looked exactly the same.

    My mum freaked out.

    I switched a few classes with him, the teachers did not notice.

  • The most recent one for me was Ashton Kutcher.

  • yes, I've been told I look a lot like James Taylor, and I'm flattered. Same distinguisehd looking hairline.

  • Nope!

  • i've been getting Rob Gronkowski a lot lately. I don't really see it at all, but we must have some common feature. similar smile, eye shape, and eyebrows I suppose, but he has brown eyes and mine are blue. and I'm a big guy, but not 6'6 260 big. anyone I've asked to confirm is like "not at all", but those who see it are pretty convinced. the warehouse manager for the company I work for met for the first time and just goes "WHOA! MINI-GRONK!", haha. doesn't bother me, because I'm a Pats fan and dude crushes a$$ like you read about, hahaha.

    other than that, no one famous...BUT...I get a lot of "oh my god...you look JUST LIKE (some kid from their town, etc, etc). guess I gotta get famous now so people can say those guys look like me, haha.

  • Like 5 years ago somebody told me I looked like Jake from 2 and a half men, I thought it was pretty awesome haha

  • Yes ashton kutcher. I didnt' think anything of it.

  • When I was a young tike (9-14) I was told I looked like Harry Potter. I thought that was pretty awesome!

    When I was 17, I was told I looked like Ron Jeremy. I was shocked after I found out who it was and fpund it a little offensive...

  • Ashton Kutcher. Flattered Yes. Do I see it? No.

  • I get mistaken for every black coworker I have.

    People will literally come up to me and continue a conversation that they were having with someone else. Shit's weird.

  • I've never been told I look like someone else

  • Tyler the Creator, and HELLLLLLLL NAWWWWW.

  • I've gotten a bunch of Ryan Reynolds (mostly from strangers), a few Ryan Goslings, and one Edward Norton.

  • Some girls told me that I look quite similar to Shahrukh khan :D

  • I am often mistaken for Tom Brady of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Must just be the aura around me.

  • You know, you can look like somebody and still be a lot more or a lot less attractive than them. No need to be flattered or offended per se.

  • I have. most of the time I don't even know who their talking about.

    I tell them "NO HE looks like ME!"

  • Kevin Durant

  • ive been told I look like chewbacca

    ofcourse I was flattered, he's a superstar