Are there any condoms out there that don't suck?

I suppose I've been fortunate, but in all the years I've been having sex, I've never had to use a condom. I've only ever had sex while in a monogamous relationship with women who were on some other form of birth control.

Well, my girlfriend's on Implanon, right now, and it's been a little over two years so it's going to need replacing, however, there's been a change in our insurance that basically means that she'll be without it for a couple of months before the new insurance takes effect. We were discussing it, and I mentioned just using condoms for a couple of months, and she laughed, and said that I wouldn't be able to deal with it, especially since I've never used one before.

See, I'd always just assumed that guys who told their girlfriends that sex doesn't feel as good with a condom were just wanting to go bareback for some psychological thing. I mean, condoms are pretty f***ing thin, right? How much different can it be?

Well, I was an idiot. We tried sex with a condom last night, just for me to try it out, and it sucked. I mean, really, really sucked. I couldn't even really tell that I was inside her at first, there wasn't much in the way of heat, very little friction, and of course, zero wetness. Around my glans, I guess the condom wasn't making complete contact underneath the head, and when I would thrust, it would rub against me uncomfortably. We had sex for about three minutes with it on, before chucking the thing and going bare, and even after that, while sex was much improved, I swear I could still feel the thing. I don't know if it was that physical sensation or some sort of a mental thing, but it kept me from coming for quite awhile.

Anyway, I was just using standard Trojan lubricated condoms. I've seen ones out there that claim to be "ultra thin" and such, but she thinks those will feel just as sh*tty. Is there a brand/type of condom out there that doesn't make sex feel almost pointless?


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  • My boyfriend's previous girlfriend didn't make him wear a condom, so when we started our relationship he used Trojans. He didn't like them, after awhile of being together I let him stop using them, then he gave me HPV (originally from his ex). A friend recommended what we use now which is Lifestyles SKYN - he says he can't tell feel it's on - there's some lubricant on the in and outside - and he says it feels like he's not wearing one at all (and no rips or any that have fallen off ;).

  • i heard if you put a drop of lube inside the condom, it improves the sensation for the guy - at the very least, I would imagine that would help with the lack of wetness or uncomfortable rubbing issue. Sorry I can't help re brand suggestions.

  • idk but id never have sex without a condom unless I was trying to get preggo. your girl better hope pfizer didn't give her a rotten batch. lmao.

    • Well, she's not on a pill, she's got an implant. It's about the size of a matchstick, underneath the skin of her forearm. It's had the side effect of basically eliminating her periods, which freaked her out at first. Now she's freaked out about getting them again.

      But I heard about that Pfizer debacle. I imagine big lawsuits coming their way in the near future.

  • Lmao! Condoms suck. Just use spermicidal lubes. Theirs a sponge too. Theirs a reason why so many couples have unplanned pregnancies. Condoms suck.

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    I've had excellent experiences with Kimono condoms, as well as the Okamoto brands (Crown, Beyond Seven, Orchid, .003). These are my go-to brands, and I buy them in bulk.

    If it's a spur-of-the-moment thing, I go for Durex ultra-thins, found at most pharmacies and grocery stores.

    Trojans have their fans, but I haven't used one since high-school--they feel like I'm wearing a truck tire.

    • Change brands, Trojans are a poor start. Get one of those ultra-thin grab bags from a condom site, and experiment.

    • Seriously, I can't believe how sh*tty sex with one of those things is. A truck tire is a fairly accurate description.

  • 1. The more you use condoms the less you will think they suck. By comparison, of course you feel more without a condom then with one. However, after you use condoms on a regular basis you will definitely enjoy sex just as much.

    2. Pick the right condom for you. Personally, I think standard Trojan condoms are horrible. I use Durex Sensi-Thin, but I have tried probably over a dozen different types. There are lots of ultra thin types available and you should probably try at least a few to find what you like. You can order condoms online in small quantities (usually about 3) for a good/cheap price which gives you a good way to test different brands without buying a bigger box of each.

    3. Remind your girlfriend that she's got to help you test-drive all of these condoms. ;)

  • There's no question: condoms all SUCK.

    But your average Trojan is a lot worse than it needs to be.

    My advice is to try Durex Extra Sensitive, in a black box with purple graphics. They are tapered behind the head (glans) to aid in fit and sensitivity, they are thinner, and they are lubricated (but it's still very possible to need some extra lube after a while; condoms tend to dry out a girl's natural lube faster than skin-on-skin).

    You certainly won't be fooled into thinking you are going bareback or anything, but there is a measurable increase in sensation, and it's about the best you're going to get.

    You can get some Crown-brand condoms (made in Japan, but there are US distributors online) that might be just a bit better, but the Durex Extra Sensitive is very easy to find almost anywhere that sells condoms. And it is often the best-selling condom model in the US. Given Trojan's marketing budget, that's impressive, but as I said, it's about as good as it gets.

  • Natural lambskin is the thinnest and most sensitive from what I've heard. You can probably do some research online and get some scientific data for your decision. Like you, I'd almost (I said almost) do without instead of using condoms. Ask her to do tons of Kegels. That might really help as well.

  • Trojan makes the BARE BACKS, or something like that. They're the best feeling I've had. In fact it came off once and didn't even notice. Lol. They're a little small, but def my choice of preference. ;-)