Do guys think a pregnant woman is sexy?

i have always wondered how many guys would think about starting a relationship with a pregnant woman.


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  • Yep sounds familiar! Had the same with my pregnancies. First pregnancy I got hit on so many times and I never expected it. Neither did my 'then boyfriend' because he went as far as dumping me after another argument and I just picked up on a few flirtations during my pregnancy which made him come back on hands and knees.

    Second pregnancy the same I was pregnant to an older man he was married, kids even a grandchild and he said he didn't want to keep it and if I kept it he would dump me and never see me again so I said au revoir and went back in the dating pool!

    Enjoy the extra attention is what I say!

  • I'm not sure why a pregnant woman would be shopping for a new guy...

    My (now ex) husband was very attracted to me throughout my pregnancy -- he said it had something to do with giving me a nice round belly. Recently I was dating a guy who told me I had such a fantastic body, then he put his hand on my stomach and said he wanted to "make me fat" -- it's just something some guys are into.

    (No, nobody else has had the opportunity to get close enough to actually "make me fat"; I stuck to the one marital experience and shut the shop after divorce. I have a family to raise and don't need to complicate things by shopping for a new man.)

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    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder with that said PREGNANT women are super hot they have a glow that cannot be dimmed so if the woman I was into happened to be pregnant would not be a problem for me

  • Yes I've had anal sex with the same pregnant woman twice

  • Not touching that. I don't feel like involving a baby in my love life at the moment. Especially if it isn't mine.

  • NO

  • Not sexy.

  • Spartan history prevents me from chasing such a beta pursuit.

  • Only the pregnant woman who is pregnant because of me sorry

  • sounds like a slut with an std. besides who the hell wants guy problems? Unless she is a ain't even got a possibility. 'impossible' wouldn't be a word to describe that situation,because that is still possible.

  • Some of them do look sexy because they get pregnant only around the stomach. One thing that is indeed true is that women start looking naturally prettier when they are pregnant. Some freak act of God. :)

  • Some of them definitely are.

    But, I would not get involved with a pregnant woman. I'm too young for that.

  • honestly I find some pregnant women to be very attractive, don't ask me why because I have no idea. may have something to do with bigger boobs and butt