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My boyfriend is best friends with his ex. Should I trust him with her?

He says he loves her but is not in love with her.I have been seeing him for 8 months and wen I met him she had moved out of his house but had her... Show More

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  • Im sorry honey but to me there is something more going on. You should be his number one priority but frankly she is. He needs to let go of her which it doesn't sound like he is willing to do. You must be assertive and refuse to be treated like second best. He is stepping way over the line with her and putting you on the back burner. The fact that he doesn't answer the phone to you among many other things you say he does tells me he is cheating. I'm sorry but if that wasn't true he would be more willing to ease your mind and let you be around with her there etc etc. If your the type that needs proof to know for sure he is cheating then get it and move on. You deserve to be put first and to be cherished by who your with. Sit him down and tell him this must stop occasionally phone calls from her okay maybe but the visits etc etc must stop or your gone. I have a feeling he will let you go. Him cutting you off when you even question him isn't right. Good Luck and be strong...

    • Thankyou for your honest answer. I agree. And I have never been in this situation before so I wasn't sure if I was meant to be tolerant of what he was doing. But your right. He can't have his cake and eat it to

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    • Well I took your advise and you were right. He let me go. In fact he told me never to speak to him again cause he should not be told who he can talk to or what he can do. He turned the whole thing on me and just cut me off totally.It has really hurt me but at least I know where I stand now. Thanks 4 your help

    • Oh honey I am sorry but this guy I won't even say MAN is an abuser. he is turning it on you to make you think you are crazy blah blah blah...I know how that feels all to well my ex did that to me when I knew he was cheating and he was. I know it hurts but BE GLAD that is in the past and chalk it up to a learning experience. Never settle for less then you deserve. Do not let him back into your life. AT ALL. If you need to talk then message me. Be strong and this too shall pass...

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  • Get rid of this guy. Anybody who is reacts to your concerns by not talking for days and then turning the issue into YOUR jealousy problem is a nut. You are right, this is not normal.

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