Older women - why do they look at younger men?

Why do mature ladies in their 40's - late 50's look at younger men in their 20's and keep glancing at them of they see a nice looking one at a pub (when they're evidently not drunk.)

It's ladies who aren't obviously cougars/slappers/tarts at first, just sort of woman "true to their age" if you know what I mean.

It's just this happens to me a lot where older women look and glance at me a lot.


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  • This is a compliment! I am 35 and still check out a handsome 20+ male. I won't do it blatantly but with discretion. If he is handsome, smells good or looks dynamite I will probably look. Regardless of our age, if we find a man attractive, why not enjoy the view? :)

    I have seen and experienced with men too. Funny, these men are in their 40s and 60s too.

  • Why do older man look at younger girls? Simply women glance because they like what they see, doesn't mean it's only because of the age - if you look great and feel great than you definitely will get attention, from everyone =]

  • Speaking for myself and my experiences... younger men can keep up with me sexually better than older men or men my own age. So of course I will check out younger men.

  • This is because you're hot and if you were interested in them it would make them feel very confident in their ability to capture your attention especially since time has ravaged their once youthful looks.. so its a compliment for you to glance back despite the fact that the women your own age would be considered more attractive, its all about competition. Just because she is in her late 40's doesn't mean she isn't a woman anymore... if you catch my drift ;)

  • I love men of all ages, just cause I am older doesn't mean I can't appreciate men of all ages. You must be cute if a lot of older woman are looking at you...Lol


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  • What a double standard! If this was asked about the same aged guy looking; you people would be howling about what a perv the guy was.