Do you believe in true love? Or do people just settle?

I know this has probably been asked a thousand times before but if you ask me I would have to say that true love is a myth and/or a rarity. I think people have to settle in the end. What do you think?


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  • i beleive true love does exist, but I also think that some people do have to settle because not everyone is going to find their "soulmate". all in all you are right it is rare but that doesn't mean it isn't out there!


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  • Why doesn't anyone believe in making your own true love? You find a compatible person who cares for you as much as you care for them and build a life together. How truer can you get than that?

    Be faithful, tolerant, and respectful,both to yourself and your partner, and you have love.

    People's expectations about love is what's messing up their relationships. They expect everything to be perfect - that love is just a pair of rose colored glasses you slip on to paint a rosy picture. That isn't love, that's fantasy. Love takes work. It's sacrifice, it's tears, it's hanging on even when it may seem hopeless - we shouldn't love someone because of what they do for us, but what we can do together.

    Like people, love isn't perfect - but you take what you have and make the best of it.

  • I think that people are too impatient to wait for true love. I think that you can find someone who is almost perfect (no one is perfect) for you and be able to spend your life with that person and be happy about it knowing that you made the right choice. I think that some people put a time limit on how long it should take to find this almost perfect person, so they find someone who is ok enough, and stop looking for someone else. People do settle, but it's not because true love doesn't exist. People settle because they get scared of not finding anyone better.

    • Define "perfect" and "better"? or you use those words as measurements of compatibility?

  • i def. do. I hope its not a myth or I have been wasting allot of time :x

  • Honestly I don't know what love really is...i've thought I've felt it, but then I realized how can I LOVE someone I barely know...TRUE LOVE is a process not an event...true love is like a special kind of friendship, one where just like a normal friendship you feel compatible, and you have to work at keeping that friendship alive...true love is healthy, pure and non is this crazy formula that maybe only 2 people have together and have almost close formulas with other people. I don't think you find TRUE LOVE you create it, plant it and nuture it... :)

  • I do believe there is such a thing as true love. But I also believe people settle because their not willing to open their hearts up to true love. Maybe just too scared, don't know how, or their past just tells them not to.

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  • Define "true love"

    Define "settle"

    People toss those (and other) terms around as if they have concrete meanings. But they don't have concrete meanings; they're useless and cause a lot of needless heartache and confusion.

  • It's rare, requires a lot of work, but truly worth it. It's not a myth, some people can find it. And yes, some people do settle to, just for the sake of settling. Some people marry cause of kids, some marry cause it's convenient, and some marry simply because they feel they have to. If that's logical, then it's logical to say that true love can and does exist.

    • I guess I have to agree that it is definately something you have to work at and it won't just happen. Makes sense.

  • A lot of people settle which leads to divorces, affairs and cheating. If you were with someone you truly loved there is nothing on earth that would make you look elsewhere. However most settle and continue to look, hence the cheating.

    True love does exist but to me it doesn't mean that two people are completely in love and live happily ever after. True love is when you love someone unconditionally, you do no need anything in return in order to feel fulfilled.

  • true love is this thing that you keep looking for but you never find

    i believe it's a myth

  • I certainly hope I do. Because it's something that a lot of people are searching for to fill the void for something that they feel they need in their lives, or are just lacking. Not to get off track here, but everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging, and like they're needed. Of course people also say, 'Don't find love, let love find you.' But I'll state that it IS something everyone needs. I definately do~

    • I agree with letting love find you, but you should never let love dictate or validate your existence in life. for example: I think if you always want or think you need love to be "complete" then you're selling yourself out in a way. I think that to find true love or in order for love to find you, you have to love yourself first.

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