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Do I not love him anymore, or is it depression?

Ok, I was always a depressive kid I guess. When I was a teen I usually felt lonely, low self esteem, and sad, but I thought it was a phase. Then I... Show More

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  • Depression can definitely effect love and your relationships with people in general. Have you ever been to a psychiatrist to be evaluated as to whether you actually have depression? From what you describe, it sounds to me like you have it (I've been diagnosed with depression and have read up on it). I found it really helpful to read about symptoms of depression, because as I did I realized a lot of people had the same feelings I do sometimes. There are medications to help stabilize the chemicals in your brain that cause people with depression to feel the way they do, but obviously you'd want to ask a doctor or psychiatrist about that.

    Looking at the situation from a different angle, do you have any substantial reasons to want to break up with your boyfriend? You should think about that so you can tell whether there really is a problem with the relationship or if it's just depression affecting it.

    I really hope I helped... :)

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  • I am going through the same thing; I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, I have a boyfriend for over a year and im worrying too, but I want to marry him, if you are depressed, this could make relationships tense. stay strong, go to your doctor!

  • I am having the same problems. I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety/depression. I have tried 3 different depression medicines and none of them have worked. I have been with my boyfriend for a year and 1/2 now and before this happened everything was going fine. This feeling of not knowing if I love him started about 4 months ago, I can't get it off of my mind and every time I see him I get nervous because of what I'm thinking. I have no reason to break up with him, he has been very supportive of me through this whole thing. I don't know hoe to let this go and wait for it to pass. I m so worried that I am falling out of love and I don't want to. Does this sound like depression effecting my thoughts? and how do I get this off of my mind?

    • i am in the exact same position, I feel so different towards my boyfriend and am currently seeing the doctor about what we suspect is depression. my boyfriend is amazing and I get so angry that I don't look at him the same anymore, I still want to spend nights with him, he is my comfort, I don't have it in me to hurt him and I genuinly don't want to be without him! but its on my mind every single moment of the day that I feel strange, can depression do this to you?

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