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Why do boys always say they love you then break up with you?

they say that they love you then a day later they say they want to break up but nothing wrong happened

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  • They are cowards. As simple as that. Don't listen to their words rather than action. Trust your instinct too. Immature also another factor here. It's also obvious that they don't actually love you because they don't know what love means. It's different case if you cheat on him or if you two are not happy with each other than it makes sense that he's letting you go for the best of you two. If there is nothing wrong but dumped you, then there is something wrong with the guy not with you! Well, it is still a fact of life though, you will face that in your life, you just have to be careful next time and spot guys acting this way.

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  • I don't know. He knows something that he's not telling you, or he's really confused or something

  • Well My Girlfreind has done that a few times.. She said she was confused by what her friends were telling her about our relationship, but once she got over all that w got back to gether and have been together for 4 months now :)

    • Same thing with me and my girlfriend. she and I broke up because she said that she was confused and that her friends were telling her things about the relationship we both had. Hey after you guys had broken up did you like see other people and like did it seem that either after the break up she seemed fine and alright after it?

  • Maybe they knew something that they didn't tell you. You need to be very perceptive as to what he's not saying more than what he is saying.

  • I think it's an overstatement to say that anyone who does what you describe is a coward.

    People sometimes break up when they're in love. Love's not enough. I wish it was.

    People sometimes try to let others down gently.

    • Maybe. However she said that nothing wrong happened. A day after he said I love you? Come on!

      I agree with you with love is not enough. It's ok if he's being open and honest about how he thinks about the relationship. But he just kinda gave her false hope here. Saying I love you then next day breaking up? That's just messed up!

    • It sure is

What Girls Said 6

  • Been there, Done that. Its dumb teenage boys that aren't mature enough and don't understand girls. (well, there's a few that aren't like that). I moved on, and I'm SUPER picky when it comes to guys, because if their gonna act like idiots, then why waste my time? I've been single for 8 months now, and I don't mind it one bit. Just my opinion on things(:

  • Change of heart? Or maybe, when he said I love you the day before...he didn't mean it =(

  • If you keep ur legs close for long enough then he not break up with you, because what guys want is sex, you give it to them , they have what they want then they will leave you. Guys when they said they love you, it just in a moment, he will said that to other girls when he done with you. Get over him, he not deserve ur love. You give him ur all but he don't want to stay with you then fine, let's he go, if you try to hold him back he gonna treat you bad, so move on girl. There are many guys want to fall in love with you, don't waste ur time.

  • They're all confused little boys when they're in their teens who would rather play their games than call their "gf". Let yourself and them grow up a little more. And those boys who throw around the word love don't know what the hell they're talking about most of the time.

  • Sometimes love can be confusing to people. But I'm also wondering if he said he loved you as a response to you saying it? Some guys will say the love you too just because they feel like they have too. Others might say it to get into your pants.

    But, knowing only what you've shared with us I would say that he is confused about his feelings.

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