Idiot boyfriend

i have this boyfriend I have been going out with for 3 years . I'm debating whether to break up with him or not because he is a flirt. and talks to all his exes and other girls. I have found solid proof of him cheating like 4 times but he constantly denies everything. he is also very rude to me . I am planning to break up with him but I have problems doing so. I was just wondering is it so wrong confronting him about those girls? he constantly calls me a bitch and calls me stupid because I ask him questions. am I really lol?

i don't forgive him I have just found out recently people c'mon now. I just wanted to know if asking him questions is a bad thing because he seems to be really p*ssed off about any questions he asks.
*i ask . sorry mistake XD


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  • No way. He is being so disrespectful to you. I would break up with him, without any explanation. Just say it is over. He knows why. Have some dignity girl. Learn now. Never let a guy treat you like that! You will always be in horrible relationships.

    Once you realize this, you will find a guy who treats you right (if you let it happen). This will never happen if you stay with a guy who is so mean to you. You are wasting your time on him. Let him go. He will be with someone else and treat her just the same. So what! I would not be hurt by that. I would feel sorry for that girl. Leave him now and do not get back together with him.

    I realize that you have been together for quite a while and this might be hard at first (especially because you are young and in school and see him all the time). So, have a plan, have support (have your mom, sister, aunt, grandma, cousin, best friend, anyone and everyone to be on your side), stick to your plan and don't look back. If you get sad or down, call someone from your support group (even if you only have one person in the group).

    Get a job or take up a new hobby to meet new guys and make new girlfriends. Find one now. Get busy with yourself and move on from him. If a guy ever cheats on you or calls you names like that, never stick around. It will only get worse (it will always suck) and you will always feel bad inside.

    You want to feel good about yourself. You will need to move on and treat yourself right. Be around good friends and be with a guy that likes you and treats you well (takes you out, makes sure you are doing good, calls you all the time, doesn't go out with other girls unless you are there, he takes care about how you feel and likes to do things with you). Good luck! You can do it.


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  • So what if he f***s other women? Is that a problem? If so, why?

    • Umm yes that is a problem its not right.

    • Explain.

  • Wowww. Really four times. and you forgave him. What are you. His mom ?

  • If your boyfriend is an idiot, and you continue to stay with him despite everything you say, what does that make you?

    • Hahah thanks alot?

    • I'm just saying, dump his sorry butt

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  • you definitely need to dump him.he sounds like an idiot.and a very flirtatious boyfriend is not always the best pick.

  • idiot boyfriend is right. there's no excuse for cheating even once, and there are plenty of guys who are respectful. Dump him.

  • No you are not, and honey if you have solid proof that he is cheating on you at least four times think of all the times you didn't have proof but he was cheating on you. Kick him to the curb you are being his rebound girl and you are better than that. Leave his ass. The only way you are being stupid is if you stay with him knowing all of this... if you thought you should stay with him you wouldn't be on here asking if you should leave him because you know you should. You do not deserve that. And no one needs to be with someone that degrades them mentally or emotionally that will cause you more harm in the long run...

    • Thanks. you are much more of a help than the guys.

    • Your welcome glad I could help. I do not think that asking questions is bad... sometimes people get really mad when you ask them about something and it means that they are guilty of it.... not saying it is always true but keep that in mind.