Why does older men like younger girls?

Why do older men like younger girls? Can a 16 year old go out with an older guy?


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  • The reason men like younger girls? One reason - Their bodies and the innocence thing. There honestly is no other reason. Older guys love girls with small bodies, and love the fact that they are more innocent then girls their own age.

    A 16 year old can go out with an older guy if she wants to get used for sex. There is honestly no other thing she can offer to an older guy to be honest. Doesn't matter how cool, funny, intelligent, or awesome you are. The reason an older guy would go for a younger girl is sexual related, PERIOD.

    • What if he's her teacher? assuming that he only has a thing for her and doesn't normally go for students, it just happened that way. The attraction. In that case, he'd be taking more things into account than just her body, right?

    • Emm I don't really think that every relationship of that kind is sexual related.

      I am 16 and my ex boyfriend was 20 and trust me he was soo polite.

      Maybe its just a matter of manners or idk.. maybe just the way it goes in my city because

      I once told a friend from australia that I was dating him and she couldn't believe it simply

      because they don't date someone "that" old.

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  • In general, in most relationships the guy is at least a little older. This is a branch-off of our evolutionary wiring to be the dominant/aggressive one, and is a little too complicated for me to go into here.

    Yes, a 16 year old can go with an older guy, but legally only within a certain age limit (depending on your state) before it becomes statutory rape. This is, of course, assuming that you are sexually active in the relationship. If you're not, then technically you can "date" pretty much any guy you want. Once you're 18, you can be with anyone you want legally without this restriction.

  • How old is older?

    When you are in teens that sound SICK

    when you in 20 it is ok but still.

    when you hit 30 don't matter anymore.

    That is what my boss told me, she is 50ish and date a late 30ish guy

  • Men are a year or two behind the girls when it comes to acting mature. Girls their age may act a bit too mature for them so they will want to hang out with others that don't think what they are doing is not mature. When it comes to large age gaps such as 5 to 10 years difference, I have no clue.

  • it makes them feel younger

  • Yes, an 18 year old is an adult and can go out with whoever she wants.

    Don't believe the people here, love can happen when there is an age difference.


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  • When I was 16, I dated a 22 year old(why my mom allowed it is beyond me) and he was a virgin. I think it's because of the maturity level. If you date an older guy, make sure you don't give it up until you know you won't be used for sex. And don't fall for any tricks either.

  • Their young bodies and purity.

  • Wow umm how old lol 20 is too old and illegal 18 is also illegal so. You can't go any higher only lower!

  • It depends on where you live. 16 is legally an adult for sex purposes in many countries and states. Please look up the law where you live, and don't break it.

    • Well I'm from canada and the age is 16 to have sex but 18 is the age you can doo anything.