Why does older men like younger girls?

Why do older men like younger girls? Can a 16 year old go out with an older guy?


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  • The reason men like younger girls? One reason - Their bodies and the innocence thing. There honestly is no other reason. Older guys love girls with small bodies, and love the fact that they are more innocent then girls their own age.

    A 16 year old can go out with an older guy if she wants to get used for sex. There is honestly no other thing she can offer to an older guy to be honest. Doesn't matter how cool, funny, intelligent, or awesome you are. The reason an older guy would go for a younger girl is sexual related, PERIOD.

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      What if he's her teacher? assuming that he only has a thing for her and doesn't normally go for students, it just happened that way. The attraction. In that case, he'd be taking more things into account than just her body, right?

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      Emm I don't really think that every relationship of that kind is sexual related.

      I am 16 and my ex boyfriend was 20 and trust me he was soo polite.

      Maybe its just a matter of manners or idk.. maybe just the way it goes in my city because

      I once told a friend from australia that I was dating him and she couldn't believe it simply

      because they don't date someone "that" old.