WHy does a man not want to commit to me, but yet doesn't want me to see anyone else?

Ive been casually seeing this man for awhile now...Its kinda a friends with benefits...We have a great time when were together...he has made it clear he don't want to commit...So why is it he gets really mad and p*ssed if I'm talking to another man or if I'm going to see another man...Does he like me more then he's willing to admit?

Little back ground on him...He got divorced 10 years ago...he keeps saying I'm the closest thing he has had to a relationship since then. He has been drunk and told me he loves me many of times and wants a relationship with me...but of course the next day he takes it back...says he was just drunk and he does care about me...but doesn't want to commit.

He knows I would commit to him..but being he wont...I told him we can just be friends with benefits while I date around...until I find a man I want to commit too...But if he hears of me seeing someone..HE GETS PISSED! The second he hears of anything, he rudely all the sudden has to go, then he avoids me for a week..then he's back...till he hears of someone else...

Do men ONLY get jealous if they care or like someone A LOT..or is he just wanting to be free to see other people...but have me all to himself?


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  • The only guy I loved dumped me, and then got p*ssed off as soon as I started dating another guy(they knew eachother), and he even tried to talk him out of dating me (but obviously that didn't work.) He just got really persistent and would text him all the time trying to become really close friends and IM me saying how he still loved me, and after the other guy and I broke up he started talking to me more but he still has not expressed in any interest in dating. So my conclusion? Guys like this

    1. Want to be in control

    2. Don't want and/or are afraid of commitment.

    3. Enjoy playing mind games.

    4. Want you to themselves, but want to be free to date around.

    Hope this helps :)

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      Thanks for you input...I agree!!! Just wanted to see what other thought.