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WHy does a man not want to commit to me, but yet doesn't want me to see anyone else?

Ive been casually seeing this man for awhile now...Its kinda a friends with benefits...We have a great time when were together...he has made it clear... Show More

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  • The only guy I loved dumped me, and then got p*ssed off as soon as I started dating another guy(they knew eachother), and he even tried to talk him out of dating me (but obviously that didn't work.) He just got really persistent and would text him all the time trying to become really close friends and IM me saying how he still loved me, and after the other guy and I broke up he started talking to me more but he still has not expressed in any interest in dating. So my conclusion? Guys like this

    1. Want to be in control

    2. Don't want and/or are afraid of commitment.

    3. Enjoy playing mind games.

    4. Want you to themselves, but want to be free to date around.

    Hope this helps :)

    • Thanks for you input...I agree!!! Just wanted to see what other thought.

What Guys Said 1

  • He's nuts, or at least confused.

    I say again: only boyfriends get boyfriend privileges. He can be as p*ssed as he wants, but he just has to deal. You don't get it both ways.

    • Exactly...He can't have it both ways..Thanks for your input!!!

What Girls Said 3

  • My mother was married to a man just like the one you describe, my father, and let me tell you BE CAREFUL! He wants to have his cake and eat it, too. If you care enough about yourself, do not tolerate this behavior from him, or simply leave him. Human beings should not even be allowed to act in this way and it really upsets me that women put up with it. You will spare yourself weeks, months, and possibly years being paranoid, confused, hurt, and disrespected. YOU DESERVE BETTER, GIRL!

  • Hi, I am a girl, but I've been through this time and time again with guys, so I'd have to say I at least have somewhat figured out the reason. They know that if you see someone else, the "benefits" may not be available when you want them. When a guy does that, I'm sorry but it's true, he doesn't want a strong bond with a woman, he wants to be a free bird and do what he wants without being "tied down". In other words, have his cake and eat it too! hope this helps and, sorry.

    • No need to say sorry...I like people that will tell it how it is...I want true opinions..so thank you!!! I was thinking the same thing as well...It just throws me off when he gets all lovey dovey and claims his love for me and says he wants a relationship (and I never ask him too..he just out of the blue does this every so often)...but then he takes it back...

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