How do I get him to forgive me?

So there is this guy we became very close friends and I have feelings for him, its a very strong feeling and I don't think I can afford to loose him. I know he likes me back but we wanted to try it as friends for a while, however we have had couple of arguments in which each time we forgave and forgot but last time about a month ago I made the stupidest mistake and told him something that wasn't true about him, I broke his heart and hurt him very bad and I know it. however I apologized million times through email and Facebook but he either doesn't reply or just leaves msg on his msn that shows anger, but then next minute changes it to something like " I don't feel good about it, I am unhappy, hate life..." then next minute says you should leave me alone, you crossed the line.

I am desperately in pain, there is not even one minute that I don't think about him and I can't help crying everywhere literally... SO I need to get him back in my life but don't know how to convince him that I really didn't mean what I said and it was all out of anger and I do love him instead. should I try talking to him in person? I have been told to do that but I don't know if I can cause what if he ignores me. all I want from him to listen to me so I can tell him that I was just upset ... anyone has ever been through this situation? please help please


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  • i've never been through this situation but I know what its like to hurt a friend and HONESTLY apologize, but they don't listen;

    iin my opinion, you should personally talk to him. don't start saying sorry, but start telling him how you feel. spill out everything in front of him. how he makes you feel, and how you can't help but cry about the fact that you hurt him.if he tries to back out or walk away (heres what I would do actually)

    grab him by the arm, and hol him in that spot as tightly as you can. KEEP HIM THERE . don't let him get away. lock him up if you have to lol. but what I'm saying is that instead of apologizing a million times, get ur point accross about how you feel bad and you didn't mean to hurt him and you can me harsh too, like say "do you realize that I feel even worse than you do?!" or something that makes him feel that you actually DO feel strongly sorry about this.

    oh and you should yelll . YELL. like YELL and CRYYY in front of him to make him feel even more pathetic LOL

    at the end of all this say "for the one 1 000 001 th time, IM SORRY." then just WALK AWAY. leave it to him to feel guilty for a while and every time ur around him, act like ur life is HELL because he is mad at you.

    well that's proobably what I would do =)

    i hope I helped... and I als ohope I wasn't harsh on how you should act in front of the guy XD

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      Damn, remind me forgive girls fast in the future, that sounds like it would be insane.

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      & thaanks for making this best answer :D

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      Your very welcome, I agree with you he is very sensitive, I have to add since after the long talk we talked for about 2 minutes the day after, I sent him a text 2 days later just saying hi and asking how he was doing but I had the feeling he wouldn't reply back and he didn't so I got upset and I think I might just let it be for now, cause I did what I could and he can't blame me for not trying. maybe I am giving him too much attention, I've been ignoring him for 2 days now, you think I am wrong?