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What does a girl mean when she says "I don't care about you"

Well, that's not what she really said. I asked her if she still cared about me and she instinctively laughed (almost with condescension) and told me... Show More

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  • Well, either she was being sarcastic and actually does care for you or she really doesn't care about you. You'd be a better judge of whether she was joking or not.Regardless, she doesn't sound like the type of person you want to be with or around if she's that vain and shallow. I'd say quit wasting your time.

    • Yup, I agree. I haven't seen her in almost an year. But then I was looking for closure, some normalcy in relations and somehow this still bugs me now. So I suppose if a girl agrees with your opinion as well then I'd know for sure and I can close this chapter forever.Thanks for your response :-)

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