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Says he's not ready for a relationship but we act like BF/GF.

Hey guys! I need help! Please! I'm so lost. I KNOW ITS LONG BUT PLEASE READ... This guy and I have known each other 4 bout 2 years. We're both 23.... Show More

My thing was, if we're acting like it already, what would giving it a title do? Besides make it official.Y's that such an issue if we're doing couple things already. I feel 9 mo. is long enough to wait 4 sum1. If he doesn't want 2 b with me, y not let me go?

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  • Wow, sounds like he's got some serious issues with the word "girlfriend." Maybe to him it's like "marriage", or worse, like being chained to a huge steel ball or something. I don't know, but it sounds like there was a pretty solid relationship without the whole "label" thing coming into the picture. The two of you should perhaps have a serious, grown-up talk about the fact that "words" are just words, and don't mean all that much--what matters is the commitment, which seems like it was already there. And it might be painful for you, but if he says he really doesn't want a "commitment" with you (as in an exclusive agreement not to see anyone else unless he tells you he wants to move on), then it makes the most sense to respect his decision. If your happy with your intimate friendship WITHOUT a verbal "commitment" (whether it's in the form of him calling you his "girlfriend" or a more label-less agreement), cool; if not, be willing to move on. Best of luck.

    • Thank you 4 ur help! That's exactly what I wanted. Commitment. I didn't like this whole "we're friends but we're kinda together but we're rly not" type of thing. He says he's not seeing anyone else...but Mayb that's the reason? because he dosnt wanna cheat on me. Why would he act like my boyfriend but say he's not rdy. now that were together, he's ignoring me. I'm confused. I tried to leave so many times. He's litterally begged me! Like "please don't leave me, don't do this to me" etc.I just don't know wht to do now.

    • Dela1111 is making some good points, reread both of our answers and spend some time thinking about them. But to respond to your update, here's the answer, short and sweet: your "friend' is the one who has the commitment issues, but ultimately it's your choice if you want to stay with him. Whether it's "normal" or not doesn't matter--you're dealing with HIM. If you're okay with non-commitment, drop your insistence on the whole "gf/bf" thing and go back to how you were....

    • ...and if you're NOT okay with non-commitment, then it might be time to cut ties and move on. Very simple, but emotions can make it seem complicated. Best of luck.

  • Why would he commit to a girl that he can get anything he wants from without committing? Also why would you be interested in a loser who raps anyway?

    • This is exactly the same reason why a guy won't marry a girl that he can get anything from. Like I've said a million times: WHY BUY THE COW IF YOU CAN GET THE MILK FOR FREE??

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    • Yea you're definitely being naive. If you want to save yourself some hardship remember that saying about the cow.

    • Well we made it official three days ago. He didn't seem too enthused. I suppose he did that so that I wudnt leave. and now he's acting weird. I'm assuming I shud just break it off then??

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