When do guys decide they finally want a serious relationship?

Guys, at what point do you decide that you want to settle down with a girl? Is their a certain number / types of relationships you go through before you finally decide that you want to be with one girl? Is their a certain age? Certain period in life? Do you ever return to an old crush/flame and decide you want to be with them? ~ thanks.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'm young so I don't have a whole lot of experience seeing this happen but I would think it's different for each dude.

    Like you said, I'm sure some dudes want to try out a lot of girls or finally try to go back and give that one awesome girl a second chance before they permanently strap themselves to one woman.

    I would also say age is probably just out of the question, because some guys settle at 18, some at 45.

    Also, I think circumstances with the girl in question matter a lot, since sometimes after being with an awesome girl for only a few months you think to yourself 'man finally a girl I could be with forever.' Those sparks don't fly with every girl we come across, so sometimes it just takes that one awesome thing for a long time girl to do for us to realize she's perfect for us. Like if a girl took great care of us while we were horribly damn sick for a few days, and just put up with us while we're our nastiest, meanest manly selves that might make us start thinking 'damn, this girl I could live with for the rest of my life.'