Fashion trends guys don't like?

I read in a newspaper that guys don't like e.g. black nails, high waisted pants, giant sunglasses, Monroe piercing (piercing above lips, to the left/right), and high, waist belts. It was quite surprising to read. Is that true? What else do you hate? And why?

Being a girl I can't figure out what is wrong with e.g. giant sunglasses:P

ps. sorry for my grammar - not native English speaker.

thanks for any replies!


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  • Giant sunglasses - they look retarded & immature, and hide most of your face, which guys want to see.

    Monroe piercings - didn't like the mole on Marilyn, and I don't like the piercing that tries to emulate it.

    Skinny jeans - hate them. Men like curves and want to see that your legs have some shape to them, but skinny jeans make your legs look like sticks.

    Waist belts - no opinion, but the concept seems retarded since they're not holding up your pants. Why are they even there?

    High heels - I could never ever understand the complete and total retardedness behind this concept. You give up the ability to run (if needed) because you think you look elegant? WTF.

    Giant earrings - they just make you look like ghetto trash.

    Fake nails - more ghetto trash.

    Any piercings other than ears.

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      I agree withvup untill you got to the fake nails I get a French tip and it look natural and I find them classy not ghetto.