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What does it mean when a guy talks of past relationships or how he picks up girls?

I'm very attracted to this guy at work, we have a great working relationship and we're good friends too. I'm giving off the signs that I like him in... Show More

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  • Well at 24 years old I KNOW, I repeat, I KNOW that when a guy talks about past relationships openly and especially pick-up stories he's either...

    A. Naive and simply hasn't been in enough relationships to know that girls generally don't give a sh*t about past hook up stories.

    B. Is insecure and wants to get a reaction out of you therefore unknowingly making you not respect him as much therefore losing your natural attraction to him.

    C. Not realizing that actions speak louder then words and if his attempt to attract you is by letting you know that he's had sex from time to time with other women is an epic fail on his part.

    Basically he needs to be a MAN. Not a HS boy talking about that one time he made out with the kinda cute girl in the school locker room, and no I don't know everything about relationships (heck I'm only 24 and learning everyday...lol) but as a pretty confident man myself, I love letting guys know that this is NOT going to make her like you more.


    • Hi MaxPrime... Thank you!! That's a really expert answer from a 24 YO!! Makes a lot of sense too! Appreciate the feedback!!

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