Why does he want to stay friends when he broke up with me?

OK so we had been together for about 3 1/2 years and got into a fight and ended it. Couple weeks later he said he still cared and wanted to try again but wanted to take it slow. When I asked where things stood with us he got irate. Said if I asked again it was over, so I didn't. Something didn't seem right and I asked where he was, he replied "why do you care where I am" So I asked what was happening with us and he said that it, its over. He screamed and yelled at me telling me everything he thought was wrong with me, kept telling me he wouldn't change his mind. Then said "have a nice life" and that was it. I then decided I would not longer have any contact with him, that it was over. Not more than 20 min he text me and said "And to think at one time I wanted to marry you" He text me the next day and I ignored him he text a couple more times for the next couple of days saying I was throwing a friendship and that he still wanted to be friend even though we couldn't be together. So what the hell is this, He threw me away but still wants to be friends? I don't understand I need some help understanding what his possible intentions are


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  • All you did was ask where he was? Hard to believe with such a strong reaction. If so, He is being manipulative and purposely trying to hurt you. He wants to keep you there until he finds another girl so it will not hurt him as much emotionally to leave you.

    Was he constructive in some of the things he said was wrong with you? The only acceptable thing he could have said was things you do that hurt the relationship. If so, what were they because this may help you in future relationships.

    If he was just saying mean things then he is a REAL douche bag!

    Basically, it's time to move on. I know it'll be hard, but you really need to do it.


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  • If something does not make sense, it probably is wrong.

    I think he just wants a casual relationship. However, he thinks that you are serious and he does not want to be.

    At least, it would seem, he is not the type who would outright lie about being serious (while he is just looking for fun) and then out of the blue break off over some trivial reason. This guy seems to have a consicence and he wants to have this casual relationship without guilt feeling.

  • first of all, the guy is an asshole...he is clearly manipulating you for his own gratification. He doesn't love you and has a no plans of ever marrying you. If he really did then he'd find the time to have a mature conversation about your relationship. What he is trying to do most likely is keep you as a backup whatever in the event none of his messing around with other people works out.

    I say move on, screw staying friends with him and move on...nothing good is going to come out of your relationship. Trust me.


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  • being in a relationship with him didn't work out, but he still wants you in his life, because you are important to him.

    by the looks of it, he might even have some temper problems

    i think he feels he made a mistake,

    maybe he acted the way he did and broke up because something else major was happening in his life that he felt he couldn't deal with (eg, parents divorce etc,)

  • This guy sounds like a nut and you should run as fast and as far as you can from him. It would probably take a degree in psychology to understand him and that is a waste of your precious time. I would change my phone number and move on. He actually sounds a little scary. Run, run, run away!

  • i see that you guys have been together for awhile, but he was probably just using you. forget him, he seems like a total jerkoff. don't even be friends with him, otherwise your gunna fall for him again, and get used.