Why does he want to stay friends when he broke up with me?

OK so we had been together for about 3 1/2 years and got into a fight and ended it. Couple weeks later he said he still cared and wanted to try again but wanted to take it slow. When I asked where things stood with us he got irate. Said if I asked again it was over, so I didn't. Something didn't... Show More

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  • All you did was ask where he was? Hard to believe with such a strong reaction. If so, He is being manipulative and purposely trying to hurt you. He wants to keep you there until he finds another girl so it will not hurt him as much emotionally to leave you.

    Was he constructive in some of the things he said was wrong with you? The only acceptable thing he could have said was things you do that hurt the relationship. If so, what were they because this may help you in future relationships.

    If he was just saying mean things then he is a REAL douche bag!

    Basically, it's time to move on. I know it'll be hard, but you really need to do it.