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He hasn't said I love you yet.

me and my boyfriend have been dating for almost 5 months and he hasn't said I love you yet. but he talks about moving in together and marriage. and... Show More

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  • Some guys are just a bit afraid of that word.. and if you know that and if then he tells you it means he made a big effort to let you know how srong his feelings are for you. Some other guys are just scared that if they tell " I love you" to the girl they love the girl might not say it back to him. And if that happens the guy will be destroyed... Just show your boyfriend how much you like being with him, show him that you love him, per example you are with him on the couch hugging him really strong with your head on his chest and you say how good you are right now and look him in the eyes, make a little bit of pressure just by looking at him"... he can't hold on for ever.ORhe simply doesn't love you enought to say "i love you"but I don't think that's the case with you (:

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  • he may love you, but maybe he's too afraid to say it first. maybe you should.

  • love is a strong word.when he says it,he'll mean it.it depends on the person you and him are. maybe he is just to scared to say it first and wants you to say it first.

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