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I love him, but I don't think he loves me.

We've been dating 8 months, and he's never said he loves me. I wait until the guy says it first, so I haven't said it to him. He acts like he cares... Show More

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  • The 'just having fun' thing is not cool! But it sounds like he really does care for you. Maybe he is not ready to say "i love you" yet, but he needs to acknowledge there is more going on than 'just having fun'. If you ask him directly 'are we just having fun or do I mean more to you than that?', you will have your answer right there. If you are practically living together but do not have the level of communication where you can ask that, there is something very amiss... that can be fixed, but must be fixed soon!

    • Thank you! Makes sense to me.

  • thats probly it.. he's probly scared to say it..

    just havin funs kinda a rude comment tho, but mayb he's scared to show his feelings to any one

    i was totally in love with my man, and wouldn't admit it to ne one not even my closest friend..

    and trent was also scared to tell me, he ended up gettin drunk and tellin my mom and cuzin that he thinks he's in love.. but he didn't say it to me till I askt

    mayb you should tell him you think you might b falling for him

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