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He hung up on me and hasn't called me back for over 24 hours now?

Me and my boyfriend have been together for a year on the 9th of Jan...we get along great we hardly ever argue...Last night he says something that... Show More

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  • He might be waiting for you to say sorry , if he feels you were the one who caused this , then its possible he feels he should not be the one to call you. On the other hand if the argument was quite bad he could still need time to cool off. You said you two don't fight much so maybe after this fight he is just testing the water , seeing who will be the first to budge. You could always be an adult about the situation and perhaps message him saying " I haven't heard from you , just checking your okay" It depends if you want to stand your ground and wait for him , or you contact him first. However if he said something that upset you , he should of apologised and tried to resolved the situation , hanging up was the childish thing to do. Maybe when you next talk to him , he will be willing to try and sort out the situation.

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