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What is he thinking? Men you confuse me!! Its a long story, but I need honest advice!!!

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months. The relationship has progressed quickly. I spend tons of time with him, at his place, and with his... Show More

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  • First of all, don't you think it's way to soon for anyone to be talking marriage and kids after only 5 months? Wow! I'd be scared out of my mind if some girl I dated for only 5 months started talking marriage and kids. Can you really get to know someone within 5 months. I guess it's possible. I think maybe it's all about the sex right now and you went off and probably passionately kissed another guy, although drunk. You still did! I think you rocked the boat and now he probably still has motion sickness thinking about being on that "rocking" boat. I think he's right about his feelings and although he said he forgave you, I think it's pretty hard to get something like that out of your mind. So, at least he is willing to give you a chance to gain back his trust. You have a lot of work to do. Trust is a hard thing to earn, and an easy thing to lose. You lost it and now it's time to work! Do you really want to work. Sorry, to be frank, but you screwed up. I would've kicked you to the curb and moved on to someone I didn't have to worry about.

    • I wasn't talking marriage and kids he was. That's what is surprising to me. I feel extreme guilt and remorse for what happened with my roommate. But I can tell you that it was nothing meaningful or passionate.

    • Sorry. Yes. He was talking marriage and kids, but the heart of the problem is the kiss. Whether it was passionate or not, your boyfriend will never know how passionate it was or wasn't. All he has is your word! Which at this point, is in question.

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  • You kissing the other guy prob pops into his mind and he starts thinking more and more about it and gets pissed off, at least you were honest about it though, second if all his bros are getin hitched he's prob feelin a lot a pressure like he has to soon too, sounds to me like he cares more about what people think about him then anything, plus your 21 why worry about marriage!

    • I'm def not ready for marriage. I'd like to marry him one day. I just question if my mistake has caused permanent damage in the relationship? I'm not like that at all and it was a stupid accident. I do believe you have to be honest, I couldn't be any other way.

    • I'm sure he will get over it eventually, its hard to forget that kinda stuff though even worse when you love the girl

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  • Marriage is a long term commitment, you forgave you but you did break his trust. He probably just needs you to help build that lost trust back up. And until then he's to afraid to want to marry you.

    I've been through some bad crap due to alcohol as well. Blacking out is a scary thing when you only remember bits and pieces of a situation. I rarely ever drink to get drunk anymore unless I'm around my most trusted friends, my female friends normally. Because one incident was with a long time guy friend whom I trusted until one time. So kinda do the same thing, don't get drunk around your roomie anymore and tell your boyfriend you won't. Unless he's around. Or more of your most trusted friends are with you.

  • I bet you anything that in your circumstance, he was just brought back by what happened when you were drunk because that's when it all changed. His plans for you, your guys' future etc. etc.

    He's also probably scared that you'll just go ahead and do the same thing once he starts getting serious about you again - he's stepped back...

    you should just give him space and even though he's said that he forgave you (its probably because he wants to be with you) but he's torn between trusting you again and getting back on the same track as you were on before.

    So space and time to gain his trust back until he feels the same way about you again...

    don't pressure him into feeling the same way he did back then... don't be like "i thought you forgave me!? why don't we just move on!?"...

    it'll just push him away.

    sorry sweetie.

    • I appreciate your advice and that is what I am currently doing. Like I said I feel horrible. I have beat myself up about this constantly. I have myself so stressed that I can't eat or sleep right since all this occurred. I don't want to lose the one person I know is the one to make me happy. I also love him so much and worry about him and that's why it kills me inside that I hurt him when I should be the one protecting him.

  • I think it's a matter of too much too soon. He barely knew you when he started talking about marriage and kids and letting you decorate the apartment. I think he got carried away by the euphoria at first and then when you f***ed up (let's be honest, you did! ) it was like a reality check. Euphoria wore off and he was able to see things for what they are and not for what he wanted to believe they were.

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