Do guys like it when girls call themselves ugly?

When guys tell girls they are pretty, and the girls argues with him, what do guys think of that? Do they find it cute, or annoying? Do you like it when the girl fights back?


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  • Lol ok here's the best answer.

    It is not cute and it is somewhat annoying.

    How I see it is if I compliment a girl and she's like "no, I'm so ugly blah blah blah." All I am hearing is:

    "I am so insecure, I can't take compliments because I am too self conscious and I hate my body/smile/eyes/skin/boobs. etc etc etc."

    If she cannot take a compliment, its pretty obvious to me (unless you are doing it because you THINK its cute... which is stupid on your part) because it instantly portrays you as insecure and most of all, someone with low self esteem and cannot love themselves before they can others. If you cannot love yourself then you are just a leech and you pretty much give people around you this vibe that just ain't worth sticking around. Now its not like this for all cases, but for MANY, yeah, it is.

    And lastly, for me... Its a turn off to hear a girl say that kind of sh*t, I'd tell her straight up what's up and that she should quit being so petty about herself because all its doing is hurting herself in the long run. If I find a girl beautiful and tell her that, despite what SHE thinks, I believe it. She doesn't have to, but she could still take a compliment and take that ego boost, if I may, and fee good about it instead of putting herself down like she's trash.

    Are you trash?


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  • OMG, I friggin hate when girls won't stop saying this. First off most guys already see the aspects of the woman and in our minds, every movement, curve, color, whatever is made out to be the most amazing thing we've ever seen. Yes every person has a flaw or two. Yes we all know our own flaws. But why would you want to draw attention to it? Which brings me to reasoning. Is it because you're needy? Is it that you constantly need or want reassurance. I do agree with the box in that I want to make you feel pretty though, that goes with out being said.

  • i find it really cute.

  • I think it's really annoying, and it makes me hesitant to compliment girls at all. If I think she's just going to argue, disagree, take it the wrong way or anything besides being flattered and enjoying the compliment, I guess I just think, "why bother." If I tell a girl she's pretty and she argues, she's saying that I'm wrong and shouldn't have even bothered complimenting her. That's not the reaction I want after getting the guts to tell her that, and I told her that because I meant it, not just to hear myself talk.

    I'm only semi-ranting... I haven't really had it happen to me that much but it's a little frustrating even to think about it lol.

  • It can be kind of annoying.

  • It's annoying if the girl clearly knows she's pretty wants you to insist otherwise. It's not annoying if she's insecure and might have a reason to feel ugly. But in that case, she should agree with me eventually.

    I shouldn't have to go through all that just to give someone a compliment they don't want to recognize. I don't like being called a liar either.

  • It depends.

    If the girl is borderline and she gets 'mixed reviews' so to speak, I like making her feel pretty as long as she eventually agrees with me.

    However, if the girl is clearly very pretty and attractive, calling herself ugly is an insult to people who actually are. That's when it's annoying. Especially because they've been told they're pretty so many times that reminding her really has no effect and it's impossible to make her feel pretty.

  • i don't like it. I say it for a reason, because I believe it. When the girl disagrees, it's as if she didn't even hear me or appreciate me showing my feelings for her. the best thing she can do is smile and say thank you.


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  • Im not a guy, but I'm pretty sure its annoying and needy

    I hate girls like that, if I had a friend like that Id tell her to shut up .

  • I think it could get annoying to a point.