I can't get over my ex boyfriend

I WANT to get over him so badly.

he wasn't the right kind of guy for me...Is that why I can't get over him? Because he was what I couldn't have?


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  • i know what your talking about completely

    we dated for a while

    and the things he would tell me were irresistable

    i keep looking at his pictures over and over

    and I listen to his voice clips

    and watch the videos he made for me

    and I know we are as perfect as perfect can get

    so I kept trying to talk to him and he full out gave me the silent treatment.

    he deleted me on EVERYTHING

    and I was so down-in-the-dumps

    practically wasting away

    i didn't know, one person could have such a powerful grip on me

    but then 4 months later

    he adds me again

    and msgs me

    and lies that his little sister deleted me

    but I'm glad he remembered my email and is talking to me

    i guess he realized how much I loved him and how much he missed me

    we are slowly talking about

    dont worry


    im not even exageratting

    your not over him. becasue ou were compatible. and there was something about him that made you want more. that's why

    and I know EXACTLY what you are experiancing

    send him 1 very deep message

    if he doesn't reply, FORGET him okay

    in a couple months

    he will GET BACK to you

    becasue he will miss you

    and your laugh. or whatever he loved about you

    dont worry hun

    were on the same boat


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      I didn't mean to hit disagree lol. I talkto him everynight. I go to his house at LEAST once a week. He has a Girlfriend but we still mess around. I love him with all of my heart. He tells me that he loves me and wants me for forever. She lives two hours away. He leaves to move 5 hours away next friday. I don't know what to do...

      You're exactly right when you say that love takes time. Its taken three years so far lol

      thank you for the help...ur right!