Can you marry someone you don't love?

Can you marry someone you simply like - but are not >In Love< with?

  • Yes
    14% (15)24% (21)19% (36)Vote
  • No
    86% (89)76% (65)81% (154)Vote
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  • Marry ? No. I cannot even have sex with someone who I don't love. Believe it or not.


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  • You CAN... But why would you want to? Oh sure money, wealth, fame, power, yes these are all answers that one can give. All poor ones. You know that you can get things from it but frankly all those things generally end up with people very much unhappy unless they're brainless materialistic and shallow. But even then you'll just end up wanting more. People who marry for these reasons often end up cheating possibly divorcing (occasionally killing). Nothing good really comes from it. Arranged marriages aren't better. I honestly think it could be worse, but only because it's not even the people getting married gaining from it, it's other people, their families usually. (I'll respect it but I don't gotta like it).

    I for one wouldn't marry a girl if I don't love her. I wouldn't want to. I know I wouldn't be happy, and really when you're in a relationship with somebody you don't love, your general feeling when things go bad is "I don't have to take your shit" or at least mine is. Really though when I get enough of that I just say to heck with the relationship and break it off. So for obvious reasons I can not stay in a loveless marriage. That's why I wouldn't marry somebody I didn't love.

    Can YOU marry somebody you don't love? You CAN, but why would you want to?

    Can I marry somebody I don't love? Sure I could if I really tried but I know I never would.

    There's my thoughts on it.

    • I'm checking back on a lot of my old answers like I usually do. I wanted to do a follow up to see if what I told you was at all helpful to you. So did my advice help?

  • If she looked as sweet as you, yes. We could have a wonderful courtship and wild honeymoon. After a year we could always divorce with many sweet memories.

  • of course you can but its unlikely to work out.

  • i think it's just depends upon various factors. Specially for ur family 's concern. and you can love that person to whom you are gonna get married. People come and people go, that's all about life. But yeah, if you are in love with someone then you should try to work it out. it depends that what kind of situation you are in.

  • As in everything in life , there is never an absolutely negative or positive answer . or there is nothing that has only two ways of expression , or two variables . However , to answer to the question , I would say no . Marriage out of love has not yet been an integral part of many cultures , at least not to the point that the aversion for monarchy has , but still , I would never marry out of need or any other reason short of love

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  • isn't a wedding a ceremony celebrating the love between two people? I know a lot of people get married without being in love, but it's not something I would ever do.

  • What kinda question is that. I'd definately say no and I don't see the point of gettin married, why don't you just stay boyfriend + gf.

  • I don't even want to get married let alone to someone I'm not in love with

  • Can I? yes. Would I? no

  • Well, I think I would definitely know,m...I had some guy ask for my hand in marriage a little while ago,...I don't know him too well, we don't talk to much, and I have no fuzzy feelings for him what so ever,...I do not even like him as a friend. I think one should be able to have romantic love thoughts about someone before getting married,.that is why I told this guy hell no.

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